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If you’re still looking for an email service provider or an alternative to Brevo, you’ve come to the right place. Let us walk you through all the reasons why Elastic Email is a great Brevo alternative and could be your new go-to email marketing and email delivery platform and why the transition process is so simple.

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The key benefits of Elastic Email as a Brevo alternative

The first question is - why Elastic Email is a great Brevo alternative and why should you move to Elastic Email anyway?


First, our prices remain unbeatable, making us the most cost-effective platform on the market, no matter if you choose our Email Marketing or Email API product.

Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email
Email Marketing
Starting from $25 Starting from $9
Email API
Starting from $15 Starting from $9

To know more about our plans and prices, check our pricing page.

The budget-friendliness is not the only asset we are proud of. Our Starter plan offers many features critical to your success, which Brevo only offers in their more expensive plans!

Send-time optimization

When setting up your email campaign, send-time optimization is a useful feature to send and deliver your emails at the most optimal time. You can choose to either schedule your emails beginning with the most engaged contacts first or deliver each email at the most optimal time, based on a contact’s open time rate within 24 hours from the campaign schedule. Whichever option you choose, it may improve email deliverability and increase your open rate.

A/B testing

If you’re not sure which version of your email layout would work best, use the power of A/B testing. If you have two or more versions of your template, subject line, or content, you can test it out and find the winner. The system will send all the variants to a small batch of contacts and see which version performs better. The winner will be sent to the rest of your list.

Detailed statistics and reports

When you use Elastic Email, you get advanced campaign reports, including geolocation tracking, click maps, detailed link click monitoring, click rates, and delivery statistics. You can track your email delivery in real-time, which allows you to respond to any issues immediately.

Email verification service

Email verification service lets you clean up your email list by checking if your contacts are valid. This feature allows you to verify your email addresses based on millions of emails sent every day. It eliminates spam traps and invalid addresses and identifies role emails and probable spelling mistakes. As a result, you have a clean and high-quality contact list.

Elastic Email vs. Brevo features comparison

When you switch to Elastic Email, you can enjoy more features and send even more successful email campaigns that bring you higher ROI.

Email Marketing

Check out all the features and plan limits you get when choosing the Elastic Email Starter Plan compared to the Brevo Starter Plan.

Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email
20,000 60,000
Campaign Creator
Drag & Drop Editor
Email Template Gallery
Transactional Emails
Web Forms
List Management
Contact Segmentation
24/7 Customer Support
Landing Page Editor
A/B Testing
Send-time Optimization
Geolocation Tracking
Email Verification
Email Reporting & Analytics
Basic Advanced
Features comparison for Brevo “Starter” plan and Elastic Email "Starter" plan

Email API

Now let’s see what Elastic Email API Starter Plan offers compared to Brevo Transactional Email.

Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email
20,000 10,000
Email API and SMTP Relay
Email Designer
Tracking and Analytics
Email Log Storage
24/7 Customer Support
Suppressions Management
Email Verification
Features comparison for the lowest tier of Brevo paid plan and Elastic Email "Starter" plan

How to migrate to Elastic Email from Brevo

If you’re at the point where you want to move from Brevo to Elastic Email, congratulations! We’re so happy to have you onboard, and we'll tell you what the migration process looks like. Once you have signed up for an Elastic Email account, you probably want to migrate two things from Brevo - your contacts and email templates. Let us discuss them in more detail.

Migrating your contact list

To import your email list from Brevo to Elastic Email, you must log into your Brevo account and export chosen contacts by downloading a CSV file. Then, on the Elastic Email dashboard, you go to Audience>Contacts>Add contacts. In this case, you have to choose Upload contacts, confirm the terms and choose how to upload your contacts.

You can then upload your file. We support various formats, but we strongly recommend using a CSV file. The migration process is completed after verifying and assigning contacts to a list.

Migrating email template

When you want to migrate your email template(s) from Brevo to Elastic Email, you must first choose the template to copy on your Brevo account and choose Preview>View the HTML code. You can then copy the HTML code of this template. Then, you must go to your Elastic Email account, enter Templates>Create template, and choose RAW HTML. You can insert the code into the editor and preview your layout.

Elastic Email - your new Brevo alternative

We hope now you know that Elastic Email is a great Brevo alternative. Ready to make the switch? Try out our email marketing and email delivery platform now! Sign up for free today and upgrade anytime.

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