by Anna Wybieralska May 15, 2019

Introducing PieSync full integration with Elastic Email which allows you to sync Contact details between various platforms.

We decided to ask Aron from PieSync about some details of their product. As a result, you can find all the interesting information he shared with us below.

What exactly is PieSync? And what does it do?

PieSync is a synchronization solution that provides a unique connection for more than 170 cloud-based apps. Unlike other types of integration, PieSync’s intelligent sync engine works 2-way and in real-time.

During the initial sync, PieSync matches the existing data between the two connected systems. It also merges the necessary information to avoid duplicate contacts. Furthermore, the engine is always checking and interpreting the data from both platforms. As a result, if someone creates or modifies the contact information in either tool, it’s automatically updated in the other app.

“PieSync provides a solution for small and medium-sized businesses for whom having customer data available across different platforms and devices. This will guarantee data integrity and will help them create more personalized communication and eventually close more deals. Additionally, we are saving them hours in contact management and enhancing their contacts’ information with the intelligence of the best-of-breed software,” says Aron Gosselin, Partner Program Manager at PieSync.

Another advantage is that the user can change the flow of data between apps, by choosing to sync a subset of contacts, or the entire database.

How can I integrate PieSync with Elastic Email?

You can easily configure your own contact data workflow between Elastic Email and a variety of business tools.  This release includes CRMs, Marketing apps, VOIP systems, and accountancy software. It's also worth to mention, Shopify, Pipedrive, Copper (formerly Prosperworks), HubSpot, and many more.

PieSync does not need any installation. You’ll just need to authorize Elastic Email and the app you want to sync with.  After that, you can run your sync from PieSync’s dashboard. Most contact information fields like name, email address, and phone number are mapped between apps. The user can map any custom-made fields according to their needs in a similar way.

A rule-based feature is also available to enable the user to choose which labels, tags or groups of contacts to keep in sync and how.

We are very excited to welcome Elastic Email to the PieSync family! This integration will help Elastic Email users to manage marketing subscriptions, automate segmentation,  improve the quality of their contacts’ information, and avoid manual data entry,” says Aron.

What are the examples of using PieSync? How can I benefit from using it?

One of the most interesting PieSync integrations available for Elastic Email users is with the CRM of their choice. This type of integration will allow them to manage their marketing subscribers and have their email lists automatically segmented. Thanks to the rule-based feature, the user can automatically Activate or Inactivate subscribers in Elastic Email. They can do it based on the customer or prospect’s marketing preferences captured by the CRM.

This type of rule-based solution comes with a handy toggle that completes the 2-way sync. It helps you manage subscriptions automatically and keep the data from both tools up-to-date.  In this example, if I’ll be able to specifically target Customers through Elastic Email based on information in Pipedrive, PieSync will automatically update that information on Elastic Email,” explains Aron.

The options are limitless. The flexibility of the solution allows you to configure sync between Elastic Email and all types of business apps based on your business’ needs and requirements.

What is the difference between pricing plans and which one should I choose?

The pricing plans depend on the number of contacts kept in sync. A starter plan starts from $9/month and a 14-day free trial is available.

What can I do if I'm stuck while trying to get the integration to work?

PieSync has been ranked by its users on GetApp with a score of 4.8/5 for its great Customer Support. Here are some ways to get help with your sync:

  • Self-service: Their Help Center gathers a rich gallery of the FAQ, setup guides, popular sync combinations, and the step-by-step guide for the setup of each supported application.
  • You can also send any suggestions or other types of questions to
  • Finally, you can discuss any major issues through a personal call, which you can book here.

Take a look at PieSync’s YouTube Channel to get some inspiration.

About the author

About Aron Gosselin - Partner Program Manager at PieSync Aron is the Partner Program Manager at PieSync managing all new integrations. He loves connecting with other software partners to support PieSync’s growth and the goal to sync all SaaS apps. If he is not working with our integration partners, he’s trying to beat his colleagues at table tennis.

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