by Ula Chwesiuk Feb 17, 2023

While Mailchimp is raising its prices, Elastic Email remains as cost-effective as ever. We’ve built our product with small businesses and email marketing beginners in mind, so we understand the importance of an affordable solution to help grow your business. That’s why we think you should migrate from Mailchimp to Elastic Email.

Elastic Email vs Mailchimp - what’s the difference?

You may ask yourself - Why Elastic Email? The main differences between Elastic Email and Mailchimp are the price and features.

Differences in pricing

With Elastic Email, it’s simple - the price is clear, and we do not promise things we can not deliver. We know that you will be growing and expanding your business, so with Elastic Email, you can start for free and still have access to all of the email marketing features. As your audience grows, you can upgrade for just $18 and send unlimited emails to up to 5,000 contacts. With Mailchimp, you would have to pay $69 for the same amount of subscribers.
Elastic Email is up to 3 times cheaper - does that not sound like a big difference!? 

Number of contacts

Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email
$69 $18
$100 $42
$220 $72
$295 $108
$350 $174
* “Essentials” plan** “Marketing” plan

Differences in features

The features that we offer differ too. At Elastic Email, we build tools that make your life easier. We only count your subscribed contacts, so you never pay more than you should. It also means that if your contacts are deleted or become inactive, they will be counted within the current billing period but won’t be counted in the following billing periods. Speaking of contact counting, Mailchimp treats audiences separately, so the exact same email address may be counted multiple times simply because it appears in various contact lists. At Elastic Email, we count your subscribers once, even if they occur on multiple contact lists on your account.

If you are not sure about your list’s condition, you can use our Email Verification Service and save money by connecting only to those people who really want your mail. Transactional emails are a part of our product, not an add-on you have to pay for! Our simple yet powerful automated customer journey feature allows you to create as much automation as you wish with no extra costs. What’s most important - you have access to real people that are willing and happy to support you with every step of your journey with Elastic Email, 24/7 - even if you are using Elastic Email for free.

Elastic Email vs Mailchimp top features

Plan comparison

Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email Email Marketing platform | Elastic Email
Contact limit
5,000 5,000
$69 $18
Email send limits
50,000 Unlimited
Email contact counting
Duplicates counted multiple times Duplicates counted as one contact
Customer Support
24/7 Email & Chat 24/7 Email & Chat
Pre-build Email Templates
100+ 100+
Email designer
Reporting & Analytics
Forms & Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Email Scheduling
Campaign Creator
Send-time Optimization
Transactional emails
Assisted Onboarding
* “Essentials” plan** “Marketing” plan

Migrating from Mailchimp to Elastic Email is easier than you may think

If you are looking for a more cost-effective email solution without compromising on service, make the switch from Mailchimp to Elastic Email. How to migrate from Mailchimp to Elastic Email? - you may ask. With our well-prepared migration guide, the process should be easy and takes just a few minutes. And if you are still not sure whether Elastic Email can meet your needs, feel free to talk to our friendly team at or via chat available on our website.

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