Merge Fields


Learn how to use Merge Fields to personalize your emails.

Merge fields are special tags used in your emails and templates that will be replaced with appropriate content. Note some merge fields require a contact record to work while others like {unsubscribe} or {view} do not. We recommend using your own logo for tags like unsubscribe so contacts feel comfortable. Logo and company details can be specified in your Profile which is available on your Account Screen.

Important note! Always use single brackets when you create a merge field. Please doublecheck your templates if you're importing them from another source and change any double brackets to single ones.


1. Generates a URL which can be used in a link.

2. Contacts are directed to a form to unsubscribe.

3. Contact status will change to Unsubscribed.

This feature is explained in detail in this article: link


  • Will display the title of the webpage at the specified URL.
  • Can be used in an email's subject.
  • Example:

  • Important note! The link needs to come from an existing site and has to include the http or https!


  • Will render the HTML of the webpage at the specified URL.
  • Can be referenced and modified within scripting fields using Javascript. You can find more details on template scripting here: link
  • Content is cached on our server (Cache time is 5 minutes).
  • Example:

  • Important note! The link needs to come from an existing site and has to include the http or https!


  • Displays the email's MessageID.
  • The MessageID is the email's unique identifier that is found in the message headers.
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL that can be used in a link. It is used as a default activation link for subscriber activation.
  • Will open and display the email in the internet browser.
  • Used for "View on the web".
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL for Subscriber activation.
  • This is the link you will use when you want to send an email that allows your Sub-Accounts or Subscribers to activate.
  • Example:

Contact Merge Fields

The following merge fields can be used when sending to contacts uploaded to your account:

  • {recipient} **Note when this is used, it will default to contact's firstname if available, then lastname, then email address.
  • {email}
  • {firstname}
  • {lastname}
  • It's possible to create custom contact merge fields - eg. if you upload a contact list with a "phone" field, you will be able to call it via {phone}.

Profile Merge Fields

These fields are used to display your profile information in the email's body. More information can be found here: link

  • {accountaddress}
  • {accountemail}
  • {accountfirstname}
  • {accountlastname}
  • {accountcompany}
  • {accountaddress1}
  • {accountaddress2}
  • {accountcity}
  • {accountstate}
  • {accountcountry}
  • {accountzip}
  • {accountphone}
  • {accountwebsite}

Transactional Templates

Elastic Email gives you option to use Templates created with our Email Designer or HTML Editor in your transactional emails. This feature allows you to pass personalized content to each of your recipients. You can find more details here: link

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