Adding Contacts

There are a few ways to add contacts to your account.

  • Upload a .csv file,
  • Manually add contacts one at a time,
  • Send to contacts using SMTP/API.

Upload .CSV File


Navigate to your "Contacts Screen" and select "Add Contacts" from the "Manage Contacts" drop down.

1 - Confirm your contact's consent.

2 - Simply drag and drop the csv file onto the screen.  The upload tool supports raw a single .csv file or a zipped .csv file.  It is recommended that you keep the file size to a maximum of 25MB.

3 - You can then customize the contact fields. Make sure there is exactly one field labeled 'email'.  There can not be multiple contact field labels that use  'email'.   The system will auto detect existing contact fields as well as the following:

email, firstname, lastname, title, organizationname, city, country, state, zip, phone, mobilenumber, birthdate, gender, websiteurl, pageviews, visits, industry, numberofemployees, annualrevenue, faxnumber, purchasecount, linkedinbio, linkedinconnections, twitterbio, twitterusername, twitterprofilephoto, twitterfollowercount

Here are some example values for these fields:, John, Doe, Sr, Example, New York, US, New York, 01234, 3334444, 5556666, yyyy-mm-dd, m, ..., Jane, Smith, Mrs, Example, New York, US, New York, 01234, 3334444, 5556666, yyyy-mm-dd, f, ...

At mininum the .csv file can simply be a column of email addresses:


4 - Then choose to add the contacts to either an existing static list, or create a new static list for the contacts to be added to.

Larger files may take some time to process.


**Note ".csv" file stands for "comma delimited values" which are values separated by a comma.**



TIP - If you have a Microsoft Excel file you can save the file to .csv by choosing Save As and choosing the .csv extension.
TIP - If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to convert the file to CSV before uploading it.

Manually Add

To manually add a single contact to your account go to your Contacts Screen and click on "Add Contacts".

Or go to this screen.

Manually Add tool is on the right.

The minimum required field is "Email". Once the contact is on the account you can edit addition contact fields.

You must check "I confirm these contacts have consented to receive my communications".


Contacts can also be added to the account using our API.

Additionally, all recipients that are sent an email via API are automatically added to the account as a contact.

SMTP Relay

All recipients that are sent an email via the SMTP Relay will automatically be added to the account as a contact.