Contact Profiles

Keep your contact's information up to date. The more you know the more personalized your messages can be.

Available Contact Fields

The following fields are available for building contact profiles.  Each field is followed by its corresponding merge field for use in your templates.

Email - {email}

First Name - {firstname}

Last Name - {lastname}

Company Name - {companyname}

City - {city}

State/Province - {state}

Country - {country}

Postal Code - {zip}

Phone Number - {phone}

Title - {title}

Gender - {gender}

Birth Date - {birthdate}

Want to view the complete list of available merge fields? Learn more.

Edit Contact Info

To edit contact information start by going to the Contact Screen.

Find the list that contains the contact you wish to edit. Or select the All Contacts list and search for the contact in the search field.

You may only edit one contact at a time. Make sure you have the contact selected and click "Edit". Then click "More" to show all available contact fields.

Click "Save".