Create New Lists

Discover all methods of creating and managing labels in Elastic Email.

Create List

Go to your Contacts Screen.

Click on "Create List".

New List: Give your list a name.

Allow Unsubscribe: When enabled this setting works with the {unsubscribelist} merge field to allow recipients to see which lists they are on.

TIP - If Allow Unsubscribe is enabled then your recipients can see the list name.  Give the list a name that means something to both you and your contacts.

Random List

To create a random list of contacts, start by selecting the list you wish to pull the contacts from at random.

Then click on "Create Randomized List".

New List: Enter the name of your new list.

# of Random Contacts: Enter a positive integer.

Allow Unsubscribe: Works with {unsubscribelist} merge field to allow recipients to view and manage their subscriptions from their email.

Must confirm your contacts have given you consent.