Sending Your First Campaign

This guide will walk you through the process of sending your first campaign.

Here at Elastic Email, when you send an email to any group of contacts we call that a "campaign". To send a campaign you need a template (which becomes the email) and you need contacts (the people who receive the email).  Let's start with contacts.

The easiest way to add large groups of contacts to your account at once is to upload a .csv file. This video shows you how:

Upload Contacts


Most spreadsheet software should allow you to export your contact list as a .csv file.

Make sure your .csv file has a minimum of of at least one column labeled 'email' that contains a list of email addresses.

For an overview of your Contacts Screen and other contact tools visit this tutorial: Managing Contacts

Now that you have contacts in your account, it is time to prepare a template.

Customize A Template


There are many templates to choose from, and very many ways to customize them.  You can run Litmus Tests on your templates to preview how they will appear in different email clients and to get a spam analysis.

This tutorial provides an overview of your Templates Screen and its other features: Templates Overview

Now that you have a template ready, it is time to create the campaign.

Send The Campaign


Try not to get distracted by all the other bells and whistles as this step is easy.  In the Campaign Creator just choose the list of the contacts, choose the template, and press 'Send'.  The campaign will submit for processing.