Merge Fields

Learn how to use Merge Fields to personalize your emails.

Merge fields are special tags used in your emails and templates that will be replaced with appropriate content. Note some merge fields require a contact record to work while others like {unsubscribe} or {view} do not. We recommend using your own logo for tags like unsubscribe so contacts feel comfortable. Logo and company details can be specified in your Profile which is available on your Account Screen.


Generates a URL which can be used in a link.

Contacts are directed to a form to unsubscribe.

Contact status will change to Unsubscribed.

If you are using a third party unsubscribe feature, you are still required to redirect unsubscribes through Elastic Email. All you have to do is embed your unsubscribe link in our merge field using a ":" and the contact will be unsubscribed automatically with Elastic Email and re-directed to your unsubscribe page.


Provides a simple unsubscribe for the contact

One-click unsubscribe and the contact is redirected to your thank you page.

Third party unsubscribe option - one click unsubscribe and the contact is redirected to your unsubscribe page.

If you are managing multiple lists with a third party unsubscribe feature then we recommend you use two unsubscribe links in your email. The optional first unsubscribe links directly to your third party unsubscribe and might have text such as "Manage Subscriptions" or "Manage Email Preferences". The mandatory second unsubscribe uses the redirect syntax above and might have text such as "Unsubscribe from all mailings".

If you would like to manage subscriptions to your labels there are two options you can enable in your settings:

1) Manage Subscriptions - Enables subscription management where contacts can unsubscribe or subscribe to all labels with the "Allow Unsubscribe" option enabled.

2) Subscribed Only - Contacts can only unsubscribe from labels they are currently subscribed to. Other labels are not displayed.


  • Will display the title of the webpage at the specified URL.
  • Can be used in an email's subject.


  • Will render the HTML of the webpage at the specified URL.
  • Can be referenced and modified within scripting fields using Javascript.
  • Content is cached on our server (Cache time is 5 minutes).


  • Displays the email's MessageID.
  • The MessageID is the email's unique identifier that is found in the message headers.
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL that can be used in a link.
  • Will open and display the email in the internet browser.
  • Used for "View on the web".
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL which can be used in a link.
  • Users are reminded why they are receiving your mailings. Specify the reason on your Profile on your Account Screen and it will be displayed when users click your {why} link.
  • Users can also unsubscribe or mark the email as an abuse report (complaint).
  • We encourage you to add this to your email to remind recipients why/how they signed up to receive your mailings.
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL which can be used in a link.
  • Generally, this is something that our support team could add to your mailings if your mail is not doing well or seems questionable to us.
  • Users can unsubscribe, mark the email as an abuse report (complaint) and they have the ability to notify our support team if your mailing contains misleading or deceptive content. If we receive notification we will review your account and get in touch with you.
  • Example:


  • Generates a URL for Subscriber activation.
  • This is the link you will use when you want to send an email that allows your Sub-Accounts or Subscribers to activate.
  • Example:

Contact Merge Fields

The following merge fields can be used when sending to contacts uploaded to your account:

  • {recipient} **Note when this is used, it will default to contact's firstname if available, then lastname, then email address.
  • {email}
  • {firstname}
  • {lastname}
  • {title}
  • {organizationname}
  • {city}
  • {country}
  • {state}
  • {zip}
  • {phone}
  • {birthdate}
  • {gender}
  • {mobilenumber}
  • {faxnumber}
  • {purchasecount}
  • {annualrevenue}
  • {firstpurchase}
  • {lastpurchase}
  • {industry}
  • {numberofemployees}
  • {websiteurl}
  • {pageviews}
  • {visits}
  • {linkedinbio}
  • {linkedinconnections}
  • {twitterbio}
  • {twitterusername}
  • {twitterprofilephoto}
  • {twitterfollowercount}

Profile Merge Fields

  • {accountaddress}
  • {accountemail}
  • {accountfirstname}
  • {accountlastname}
  • {accountcompany}
  • {accountaddress1}
  • {accountaddress2}
  • {accountcity}
  • {accountstate}
  • {accountcountry}
  • {accountzip}
  • {accountphone}
  • {accountwebsite}