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You can use the builtin Email Designer available in Elastic Emails dashboard. There are other options available for creating beautiful emails as well.

Make your design ideas come to life

All you need to do is bring your creativity. Our easy to use Email Designer makes building emails a snap or code your own template in HTML.

Get personal with our powerful segmentation

Our segmentation tool lets you thoughtfully create groups of contacts using specific parameters. Make your emails stand out to your subscribers by tailoring content, personalization and more when you use this feature.

Contact segmentation tool allows you to get the best out of your email marketing. Thanks to Elastic Email you can manage your contacts with great precision and deliver highly personalized content.
By the clever use of merge fields and merge tags, you can personalize any email to make it look like it was written just for that one person who is reading it. Take advantage of Elastic Emails personalization that includes layouts, subject lines, dynamic content and unique versions of templates.

Stay connected with a personal message

Personalize your emails with easy to use merge tags and scripting to create unique versions of templates, including layouts, subject lines, and dynamic content for every recipient.

Reach people - anytime, anywhere

Send email marketing campaigns without even lifting a finger. With our autoresponders or drip campaigns your contacts will always feel connected.

You can schedule the email sending the way you like it. Use autoresponder, drip campaigns or Elastic Email Automation in order to make your job easier and ensure the email flow, even when you sleep.
ow to improve in email marketing? By learning from campaign reports. Elastic Email provides great and detailed information about everything you send. Thanks to that every next campaign can be better than the last one.

Build effective campaigns with real-time reports

Create an account to get an API Key and get setup in less than 3 minutes with our standard SMTP configuration or use our API and fully integrate our tools into your website or app.

Reach your engagement goals faster

Use the power of A/X testing to find out what works and what doesn’t quickly and easily. Review different versions of templates, including layouts, subject lines, content and more.

If you want to learn quickly in marketing. Know your target audience better, there is no better way than doing A/B tests. Use Elastic Emails A/X testing feature to create various versions of an email. Later you will be able to check which one performed best and improve your next campaign

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James S.

Project Manager at ExpertEcom

"As I am new into email marketing, I was looking for affordable and good solution, but what I found is great. Elastic Email is great in terms of setup, features, templates (both drag & drop feature can be used with raw HTML editor), reporting tools, A/B testing, Dynamic IP at a very reasonable rate, it's just so much affordable with lots of great features. In Elastic Email, you will get a lot of API to integrate with your systems and open sources. If you'll not send good emails, your reputation will lose and it's a perfect thing that other spammy users couldn't impact your marketing

In one line, it's the best tool for email marketing. Go for it."

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