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Poptin is a user-friendly pop up builder designed to create beautiful pop ups and inline forms that convert visitors into subscribers, even with zero knowledge on coding.


Digioh's custom forms and email preference centers help you grow your lists and reduce the number of unsubscribes from contact lists.


Hyperise is the Hyper Personalization Toolkit for Marketers. Personalize your text, images and CTAs for each visitor without writing a single line of code.


SlmMail is a module that integrates with various third-party APIs to send emails. This tool is integrated directly into certain transactional email service providers via API. It does not handle SMTP.


Improve your web communication or track results of your campaigns with the emailing extension to your Joomla or WordPress website.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a Google Sheets add-on designed to send personalized emails, newsletters or forms to multiple recipients without needing to know how to write HTML for your templates.


Add the Elastic Email add-on to your Cloudways account and discover an easy way to deploy, monitor and manage high performance apps on top of major cloud infrastructure providers.

EasySendy Pro

Practice and measure the best email marketing activities, from email campaigns to details about email templates, by integrating Elastic Email with EasySendy Pro.


Ensure the hassle-free distribution of beautifully crafted email campaigns by integrating Elastic Email with Mailpoet (version 2!)

Inbound Notification

This will allow you to receive web notifications for emails coming to mailboxes that you have registered under your domain.

Integration Libraries

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