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Improve your email delivery rates by verifying your emails are valid before they are sent. Use our Email Verification API service and improve your email delivery just for $1 per 1000 verifications.

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Verification based on real world data

Elastic Email sends billions of emails and this gives us “real world” data on what types of addresses different service providers will accept.

Lightning fast verification - to increase your Email Delivery Rate

Verify 1 email or 1 million with a single API call. We can clean lists of any size in around 6-11 minutes.

Email Verification service is an add-on available for Email API plans

Tens of thousands of companies around the world trust Elastic Email. Join them to boost your company’s growth through better email delivery.

Email Verification

Add-on for Email API Plans only


per 1000 verifications

Tens of thousands of companies around the world are using Elastic Email

We help companies improve their sender reputation

Eliminate typos, misspellings, role emails and spam traps quickly and efficiently.

Save money and improve your sending reputation by avoiding “red-flag” addresses that send your mail to the spam folder.

Key Features of Email Verification service

Eliminate spam traps and invalid email addresses

Domain Data - MX and A Record Lookups

Get real time results for on-form corrections

Identify role emails, probable spelling mistakes

Toxic/Throwaway domain identification

Bulk verify lists of any size within minutes

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