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Reach out to the right audience with Email Verification Beta

Stop with the invalid emails and unreachable contacts. Use our free Email Verification Service to improve your email delivery rate and deliver quality content to your subscribers.

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Verification based on real-world data

Elastic Email sends thousands of emails everyday. That gives us a ton of data on what types of emails are accepted across different platforms.

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Verify one or one million emails with just one click. We can clean a list of any size in around 6 to 11 minutes.

It's available for everyone

No matter what pricing plan you have, you can use our Email Verification Service to clean your contact list. Take advantage of this tool to make your email campaigns even better.

Tens of thousands of companies around the world are using Elastic Email

We help companies improve their sender reputation

Eliminate typos, misspellings, role emails and spam traps quickly and efficiently.

Save money and improve your sending reputation by avoiding “red-flag” addresses that send your mail to the spam folder.

Key Features of Email Verification Service

Eliminate spam traps and invalid email addresses

Domain Data - MX and A Record Lookups

Get real time results for on-form corrections

Identify role emails, probable spelling mistakes

Toxic/Throwaway domain identification

Bulk verify lists within minutes

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