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Stop with the invalid emails and unreachable contacts. Our Email Verification Service is here to help you improve your email delivery rate. Send your quality content to the right contacts - every time.

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Verification based on real-world data

Our Email Verification Service works based not only on tons of data we receive from sending millions of emails every day but also on revolutionary Machine Learning algorithms. This allows us to see what types of emails are accepted across different platforms and verifies the quality of your email addresses with ease.

One-click away from the perfect list

Over 99.9% of uploaded emails were successfully verified using our tool in an average time of 8 minutes. Upload your list and focus on more important tasks while the Email Verification Service does all the work for you.

It's available for everyone

No matter the pricing plan you have you can use our Email Verification Service to clean your contact list, either using bulk or single verification.

Want to know exactly how many emails you will be able to upload? Our calculator will make it clear.

It’s all included

Our Email Verification Service is a feature available in single and bulk verification for Unlimited and Unlimited Pro plans. Each billing period you can verify as many email addresses as you need either up to your contact limit with Unlimited or 5 times more contacts with Unlimited Pro.

If you have a trial account, you have access to the single verification in our Email Verification Service.

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Pay for what you need

Our Email Verification Service is available as an add-on for Email API and Email API Pro. Start uploading your lists for $1 per 1,000 verifications. You can pay as you go when you need to check your email addresses. They also have access to the single and bulk verification feature.

If you have a trial account, you have access to the single verification in our Email Verification Service.

For Email API and Email API Pro

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Total cost:

$1 per 1000 verifications
Tens of thousands of companies around the world are using Elastic Email

Improve sender reputation and make your lists spotless

Our Email Verification Service allows you to validate thousands of emails and avoid “red-flag” addresses that send your messages to the spam folder. It also eliminates typos, misspellings, role emails and spam traps in a quick and efficient way.

Stop spending unnecessary money on emails that don’t reach the inbox.

See features of Email Verification service

Eliminate spam traps and invalid email addresses

Domain Data - MX and A Record Lookups

Get real time results for on-form corrections

Identify role emails, probable spelling mistakes

Toxic/Throwaway domain identification

Bulk verify lists of any size within minutes

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