Elastic Email Partner Program. Let's build amazing solutions together!

Agency Partner

Managing your clients' email program? Join our Agency Program. It will help you manage all of your clients' transactional and marketing emails in one place.

The Agency Partnership Program is the best for solution for digital agencies, software houses ecommerce platforms.

Development Partner

Building your own, awesome tool? Choose Development Program and boost your growth faster than ever thanks to the reliable platform and scalable technology at the lowest price available.

The Development Partnership Program is for software or service providers who are looking for a SMTP provider or for a white-labeled email program.

Technology Partner

Want to help us build our platform? Have add-ons that might extend our current features? Or maybe want to help us build plugins or integrations? If so, join our Technology Partnership Program.

Non-profit Partner

If you are leading or managing Nonprofit projects or organizations, you can join our Nonprofit Partnership Program and achieve more at the lowest cost.

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Referral Program

Open a new door for your business by recommending our services to your business partners or friends.

Brand Assets

Learn more about our brand guidelines if you would like to use our brand assets for your business needs.

Privacy & Terms

Find out more about our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in case you have any questions or concerns regarding our company rules.