Elastic Email API Libraries & SDKs

Integrate Elastic Email directly with your own app or platform of choice to send emails. Our API libraries are maintained by our developers to make it easy for you to work with our email API and your programming language.


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We maintain API libraries for various programming languages and frameworks. Choose one below and you will find a downloadable API library often accompanied by guides, authentication instructions, some code samples and other useful resources. We will walk you through all the important steps needed to set up your account and integrate quickly to successfully send emails with Elastic Email.

Haven't found the language you were looking for? You can directly integrate with our email API. Go to our API documentation to find all the necessary information.

API Introduction

In a nutshell, our email API enables you to send emails with our email delivery engine or use other Elastic Email features as well directly from your website or application. Things you should know before you start the integration:


API documentation

Our latest email API v4 is based on the REST API architecture and it works over the HTTPS protocol. With it you can build requests and API calls using API documentation:

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The latest versions of the Elastic Email API libraries are always available on our GitHub repository with all the necessary information related to installation and configuration.

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Product compatibility

This API works for both of our products (Email Marketing and Email API) to use their functionalities, that are, in most cases, also available through our user interface.

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OpenAPI specification

You can also check our API with a ready-to-use swagger.json specification which you can download and use e.g. in Postman, Insomnia or similar software.

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