Get your transactional emails delivered via our time-saving and affordable SMTP relay

Use our service to send emails directly from your hosting or domain. Enjoy easy and hassle-free sending that doesn't require any coding skills.

Instant setup. No credit card required.

Why connect via SMTP relay?

SMTP will be the perfect solution for you if you want to send emails directly from your hosting with minimal setup and enhanced security. It's a great option if you don't have programming skills or advanced integration needs.

Quick and easy setup

Effortlessly create, configure, and add multiple SMTP credentials to your Elastic Email account. Enter login details in your application and connect to our SMTP relay in just 2 minutes. Enjoy a variety of pre-built integrations and plugins, including WordPress, and start sending in no time.

SMTP setup

Excellent email delivery

With 14 years of experience, and our powerful Mail Transfer Agent, we ensure fast and secure email delivery. Send emails, watch their progress in real-time with our detailed delivery statistics and detect any sending problems thanks to fast error recognition.

Email delivery statistics

Outstanding customer support

Our customer support agents are always available to give you all the help you need - 24/7. From account setup and troubleshooting to more advanced features and tips for better deliverability, our experts have got your back! All you need to do to get assistance is send an email or contact them via chat.

Customer support member

Starting with Elastic Email is easy, fast and free

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Instant setup. No credit card required. 

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The cheapest and fastest service I found

The cheapest and fastest service I found among lots of email senders. I use their SMTP and I can use my own email list without limitations. [Elastic Email] has a lot of tools to track your emails and clean your list.


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Elastic Email integrated smoothly and is a delight to use

I needed to upgrade my SMTP services for several of the online tools I use and Elastic Email is working flawlessly. The integration was simple to do and went smoothly. They have been a delight to work with.


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Win, Win, Win!

Elastic Email provides a great premium SMTP service for transactional and marketing emails. They have OUTSTANDING support that is willing to work with you to troubleshoot any problems. So much to love. Thanks EE!


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Great service with very flexible pricing

I was looking for an SMTP relay service that contains a plan where you pay according to the sending needs of my software. The pricing is amazing for a great service. The setup and dashboard are very user-friendly.


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Even more features for more efficient communication in your business


Enjoy several content management systems and plugins, including WordPress, Joomla, AcyMailing or MailPoet, designed to work with Elastic Email. In addition to these, any software that supports SMTP connections can be integrated with Elastic Email.

Webhooks & inbounds

Stay informed about your email events and easily integrate incoming messages with your application using webhook notifications. Set up inbound email routing to process incoming emails and anonymize your inbox by automatically forwarding them to a chosen address.

Multiple users

Invite additional users to your Elastic Email account so you can manage communication or design efficiently in one place. Grant and manage their access control to the features and tools of our platform to multiple users you work with in the way you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Elastic Email is easy, fast and free

Upgrade anytime for just $9/month

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Instant setup. No credit card required.