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Take advantage of a Referral Program that allows you to share a special link. This link logs all the people that registered an account after clicking on it. Once they start sending emails, you as the referring party, receive 20% of all their purchases for up to one year - without the extra costs!

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How to get started?



Log in to your account.
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Go to the Referrals screen
and copy your unique
referral link.



Start sharing your link!
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Ready to get started?

We’re sure that you are! Remember that there are many ways to get really great results. Here are only a few ideas that have brought very good results to others:

Sharing links with your close friends and business partners

Sharing links on social media and telling people why Elastic Email is a great service

Publishing tutorials outlining Elastic Email’s functionality

Sharing the pre-designed ads on your blog or website

Adding information about Elastic Email to your newsletter or other communication channels

Recommending Elastic Email to developers - we have a very good API that is developer friendly

Ready to get started?

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