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Clickadu uses Elastic Email to send transactional emails
Swiftqueue is one of the Elastic Emails customers and send transactional email
Elastic Email helps CalOpps to send transactional email
Poptin sends transactional emails through Elastic Email’s API
Mintly is a customer of Elastic Email
Riddox’es transactional emails are sent through Elastic Email
Integration with Elastic Email API can be set up in less than three minutes. Thanks to user-friendly construction and vast API documentation available.

Improve your delivery with our API

Create an account to get an API Key and get setup in less than 3 minutes with our standard SMTP configuration or use our API and fully integrate our tools into your website or app.

Take control of your delivery

Sending email with Elastic Email is easy. Our tools, our team and our platform will all make sure you reach the inbox.

Automation campaigns, private IPs, SPF and DKIM verification, contact delivery optimization, real-time analytics, webhooks, secure delivery (SSL), subaccounts, DMARC generator are just a few of the features available through Elastic Email API.
Detailed delivery analytics, reports and email logs are a great help when trying to improve your effectiveness. Check your statistics using Elastic Email.

Get insights with detailed delivery analytics

Our detailed reports provide you with the information you need to make informed choices on how best to maximize your email ROI.

Access to our documentation and integration libraries

Check out our client libraries in various languages such as C#, PHP, JavaScript or Java and more to make integrating with our API a snap!

Large documentation and integration libraries available in Elastic Email.
Use Elastic Emails API to your advantage. Send emails, gather data and statistics to your own system without even logging into the Elastic Emails dashboard.

Build powerful communication channels with our Inbound API

View your delivery results with our visual representation of your statistics, and use this data to make the best decisions for your business.

Create and test your templates with ease

Manage your content within Elastic Email's templates and reference them with ease in your sending calls.

Create and test templates with ease. Manage your content within Elastic Email's templates and reference them in your sending calls.
Improve your transactional mail with easy to set up channels and templates that will learn and optimize over time.

Test and improve for better results

Improve your transactional mail with easy to set up channels and templates that will learn and optimize over time.

Tadas T.

Director at Quantrade Ltd.

"Before deciding on Elastic Email, I have tried several transnational email providers with, let's say, ridiculous pricing models, reaching the price of regular mail. And then, through Google search I found Elastic Email, with acceptable pricing model, that was also very easy to use, required only several DNS configurations. At our own backend, setup was also easy and old-fashioned - simple login to Elastic Email's SMTP server. Elastic Email also has an API, so more complex solutions can be deployed than just that. I have enabled this service for all of the existing projects and still using them. Now, for 8+ months I have reliable and easy to use email service platform for all of our current and future projects. Over this time period had nothing to solve and had no need to even contact Elastic Email support."

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