by Anna Wybieralska Nov 28, 2017

Email marketing is an ever-changing field so the best thing is to keep changing with it. Try one or more of these tips today.

Email marketing is used by millions of people and companies to build their businesses, create brand loyalty, increase traffic to websites, maintain relationships and more.
So we created a list of  33 proven tips to help your email marketing be the best it can be. Find them out below!

 Use the ESP that fits your needs!

If you are here, it means that you use Elastic Email! And yes, we're going to toot our horn a little because we've built a powerful and efficient email delivery system from the ground up.

Use a valid list of contacts

You want to make sure that your list is permission-based, never purchased and cleaned of old or invalid addresses.

Take time to build a nice looking email

It's worth it to spend time building a beautiful template, it's a great way to build a brand so your contacts recognize you. If you need a little extra help, feel free to check out our guide that helps you create emails like a PRO!

Test the formatting of your email against spam filters

You may need to make small changes to ensure your mail reaches the inbox, you can try Mail Tester to help you know what to change.

Use simple, clear wording

It's not necessary to get complicated. Keep your messages clear and to the point of better engagement.

Incorporate social media

Let your subscribers know that there are even more ways to engage with your brand, business or group by including links to your social media pages.

Get personal

Where it makes sense, use your contact's name or specific interests to help provide them the most relevant and useful information. To get to know more about how you can personalize your emails, check out this guide.

Make sure your contacts know the benefits of receiving mail from you

If you're providing them solutions, products, deals, ideas or information, make sure they know what they are going to get by signing up to receive your campaigns.

Try sending at different times

You may find that sending your newsletter Friday at noon isn't working for you, but Monday at 8:00 am is getting more opens and clicks.

Don't use too many CAPITAL letters

Besides looking aggressive, too many capitals looks spammy.

Send a welcome email

Users that open your welcome email are more likely to become active subscribers. If you would like to know more about types of emails that every marketer should send, this guide will help you.

 Be mobile friendly

Most emails get opened on a mobile phone, so make sure your message is readable. Or read our article about few easy things you can do to help make your emails better for mobile.

Don't send spam

Make sure you're following the policies and rules that govern email marketing.

 Set up your sender domain

Setting up your sender domain, DKIM and tracking will help with successful delivery.

Be consistent

Your contacts will learn to rely on and expect your emails if they arrive at the same time and date consistently.

Have a clear call to action

Make sure you're obvious when asking for an action to be completed. Or learn more about how to use and implement CTA in a proper way!

Use buttons

For that call to action, use a nice, big, easy to click a button in your emails to get more clicks.

Build relationships

Pretend that you only have one contact, treat every subscriber as an individual and give them your personalized attention by tailoring your mail to them as much as possible.

 Remember the holidays

Holidays are a great time to send relevant useful messages and talk more about your brand.

Say thank you

Speaking of those holidays, whether it's for something specific or not, make sure your contacts know you care by thanking them! It's a great opportunity to give something back and as nothing in return.

Use pictures

Visuals definitely make an impact, use them to support your words for a more emotionally enticing email. Find out more about Elastic Email's integration with Nifty Images that help you send personalized images to your contacts.

Focus on one goal for each email

If you're trying to fit too many requests for action or too many ideas into one message, then they all get fuzzy. Focus on one main goal or ask per message.

Be human

Remember that the people you're sending to are just that - people! Writing in a cold, technical tone is not about to win you any loyal followers. A good rule of thumb is to write more like you speak.

Give something away

Consumers enjoy getting something for free, so consider what you can build, create, write or offer them at no charge.

Send email on the weekend

People read their emails on the weekend, but the general volume of email sent at that time is less. So, this means more opportunity to get your message opened and clicked.

Re-engage inactive contacts

If you've been sending to a list for a while and notice that some of your contacts haven't opened or clicked in a while, you can try to re-engage them using a campaign to ask them if they still want to be on your list and tell them why they should be.

Consider sending with a private IP

Depending on your circumstance a private IP (also known as a dedicated IP) might be right for you.

Get feedback, try a survey!

Elastic Email has a great survey tool that you can use to get feedback from your contacts. You might learn something about what your subscribers like or don't like.

Segment your lists

Breaking your list into different parts or segmenting, allows you to send exactly what you want to exactly who needs it, maybe you separate by age, gender or location.

Use a web-form for sign ups

While you send to your list, you want to grow it too. Try using a double opt-in web-form to do just that.

Try setting up triggered emails

Triggered mail or autoresponders are a great way to stay relevant and connected with your contacts. As an example, if you send a confirmation email after someone signs up to receive your newsletter, that is a triggered email.

Try using merge fields

Merge fields are special tags used in your emails and templates that will be replaced with appropriate content.

Double check things and edit before sending

This one seems obvious, but sometimes this step is skipped. Make sure your list has uploaded properly and that there are no typos in your work.

If you have any other tips or advice on how to boots email marketing campaigns, feel free to share them with us!

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