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Email marketing became available a long time ago, but it has proved from time to time to be the perfect option for generating qualified leads and engaging audiences.

It has continued to be the right choice for reaching out to potential audiences, even with the introduction of exciting engagement tactics. Most marketers prefer email marketing because it's the highest return on investment marketing platform than other tactics and mediums. Email marketing became more popular after some time leading to inboxes full of emails from several companies selling their services and products. After this, laws allowing customers to unsubscribe were introduced. This also led to the addition of restrictions on sending several/mass emails.

But, these restraints did not affect the power of email marketing. Still, 90 percent of marketers consider email marketing to be their top option in generating leads. Besides this, email marketing records the highest rate of customer acquisition. Interested in knowing about the effectiveness of email marketing on lead generation? If yes, keep reading this in-depth to understand how email marketing is useful for lead generation.

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What's a lead? 

A lead refers to the contact with a prospective client. However, the meaning of this term varies from one to another, depending on the organization. Some organizations define a lead to be a selling touch as others address it to contact a prospective client. These two definitions clearly show that this term means a future customer.

What's lead generation? 

email marketing lead generation

Lead generation refers to alluring and converting prospective prospects and visitors into individuals interested in the services or goods you offer.

In other words, lead generation means coming up with creative methods of attracting customers to your business. You give these customers detailed information about your company as you convince them to visit your website and learn more.

Lead generation allows you to attract more potential audiences and to increase your conversion rate by turning them into customers. As a result, it helps a lot to drive your sales.

Why generate a lead? 

Lead generation needs to be your top priority because it allows you to develop an authoritative group for all searching users. Here, searching users means those individuals using the internet to check and purchase a product/service. In general, email lead generation helps you maintain a connection with the potential audience who visited your site.

Why email marketing remains to be the perfect option for lead generation

It's cost-effective

With email marketing, your business will grow without spending any money on advertising, prints or postage. You only need to compensate for the employed resources. Email marketing lead generation remains the most preferred option because it uses a phenomenally low cost. It generates vast returns on the money you spend on the campaigns that you send.

You don't need to subscribe to the expensive CRM's or advanced automation tools. You only need to use Outlook integration and get your task handled without any issue. Email marketing ensures that your emails get to the right audiences. Also, it can initiate lively conversations with your potential audiences and even turn them into customers.

Price segmentation of the potential audiences

email lead generation

Currently, several companies use email marketing strategy to generate more leads. As a result, this shows that individuals' inboxes are full, and the majority of them are unlikely to go through the emails because of poorly-customized or irrelevant content.

Email marketing supports prospects profiling, which allows marketing companies to segment their potential audiences and develop customized and engaging content. Some of the characteristics of prospect profiling include:

  • The title of the job
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Employee strength
  • The company

Never send only generic content to engage your potential audience in a specific industry because it cannot do that. To achieve this objective, you need to concentrate on the company, its size, and its needs. With proper segmentation, you'll quickly customize your content and develop a tailor-made communication system for potential audiences.

Higher visibility

Communication and marketing channels such as telemarketing, PPC ads, social media or display ads provide restricted content visibility and vanish when your budget becomes exhausted. Email marketing is the most preferred because emails remain in the inbox of potential audiences. These audiences can go through the emails whenever they're free or need your products/services.

Other than this, you can send emails in text or media to engage the potential audiences with redirection to online communication gadgets or your website. Direct the potential audiences to where they will get sufficient resources that can show them that you provide top-notch products/services.

 It's targeted

You can target email marketing to specific audiences. As a result, you can quickly know and control those who access your emails using demographics, location, and any other critical data. With targeting, you can generate more leads and sales by sending the right emails to potential audiences.

It increases brand awareness

Email marketing updates your potential audiences about the services/products you offer. You're likely to remain in the potential audiences' minds if you plan correctly, use proper design and create useful content. These audiences will always turn into potential customers whenever they need your products/services.

It's shareable

It's easy to share email marketing. Subscribing is not a challenge, and you can share news, deals and offers with others without any issue.

It's measurable

Email marketing offers useful data that you can use to measure its success. These include open rates, subscriber retention rates, delivery rates and much more. With the valuable data provided by email marketing, it is easy to assess potential consumers' behavior and interests.

You can use this marketing form to monitor the data that your potential customers check most. With this data, it will be easy to come up with a successful campaign.

How to increase lead generation through email marketing?

Use catchy subject lines

The subject line of an email is what determines if the receivers will click and open your message. A compelling email subject line can attract the attention of your potential audiences immediately.

Keep the subject line short and concise so that email marketing can increase your lead count. The subject line needs to display the email purpose and create some sense of urgency. Here, you can use words like 'exclusive offers for today' and much more. The best email subject line needs to have between 30 and 35 characters. Also, you can include adjectives and verbs to create an engaging subject line.

It's the email subject line that will encourage your potential audiences to open and read the message. Therefore, take your time to create a catchy subject line.

Design converting emails

You send emails because you want a sweet conversation. Therefore, you should focus on designing successful emails that entice the potential audiences to click the email and open the message. The best email should give your potential audiences the next steps that can bring them near to converting. To make these emails, you need to focus on elements that work simultaneously to create a complete message.

Ensure your email includes links to your social media platforms, a catchy subject line, and short and easy-to-understand content. Also, add a call to action and images to reinforce your content.

Ensure your email is sharable

If you create a shareable email, your potential audiences can forward it to family members, colleague, and friends. Therefore, it's pivotal to ensure you have an excellent newsletter.

Also, you can ask your potential audiences to forward the email. Other than this, you can create a toggle that automatically formats your email sharing's message or pre-formatted tweets. Besides this, you can include a signup link that allows potential audiences to get signed in quickly. You can add sharing toggles for the potential audiences to easily share the emails on various social media platforms.

Create triggered emails

Triggered emails get activated automatically when the potential audience takes a particular action. For example, they can get started when the audience fills a contact form, downloads a whitepaper, or places an order.

When the potential audience takes that specific action, the email marketing system will automatically send out several emails. These emails feature content tailored to that particular audience who responds. Through this, it becomes easy to automate all your follow-ups.

Use different personalization forms

Personalization has a positive impact on the process of new lead generation email. Also, it plays a pivotal role when creating and maintaining a connection with your potential audiences.

Adding the name of the potential audience is not enough in this case. In this era, you need to take personalization to a different, new level. Here, you need to understand your potential audiences - their likes, interests, and who they are as individuals. Collect enough information so that you can easily divide your list into various categories. Email segmentation plays a pivotal role in ensuring you have personalized content for your potential audiences.

Clean the mailing list from time to time

Many potential customers or subscribers may have subscribed to your newsletters, but they don't read them. In this case, you need to breakdown that customer/subscriber who doesn't set aside their one minute to read the emails. Remove them from time to time to avoid keeping junk in the subscriber's list.

Conclusion about Email Marketing Lead Generation

Email marketing can be a goldmine form of marketing if you apply it effectively and ethically. It is a versatile communication tool that can accomplish all marketing and sales tasks. This communication medium enhances content customization supported by higher visibility, detailed research, and cost optimization.

You can target customer attraction with your emails and make them more compelling by building and implementing a reliable strategy with customized content. Yes, email marketing is an out-dated strategy, but it remains effective and easy to execute by any business.

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Rithesh Raghavan is the co-founder of Acowebs, a leading online store for eCommerce add ons with more than 25000 satisfied customers across the globe. Having a rich experience of 15+ years in Digital Marketing, Rithesh loves to write up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development.

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