by Anna Wybieralska Jun 4, 2018

Father’s Day comes but once a year and if you can’t visit your dad in person then at the very least - send an email! If you’re in the business of providing a service or product that might make a useful and meaningful gift for a father then make sure you let your subscribers know you’ve got what they need.

If you’re in the business of providing a service or product that might make a useful and meaningful gift for a father then make sure you let your subscribers know you’ve got what they need.

Father’s Day spending is expected to reach over $15 billion dollars this year so you can be sure that getting your email campaigns out early will help consumers make their buying decisions early. If you don't believe in the stats above, this article helps you make sure that this day, same as the Mother's Day, is the one of this holiday that can bring you huge incomes if you will be prepared well.

Make sure your mail gets opened and clicked, here are some tips.

Start with a catchy subject line

You’ve heard it before, but you really need to get this part right. A powerful subject line is your ‘foot in the door’ so to speak and is necessary to get your email opened.

A few examples:

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas!
Father’s Day 2018 is just a few days away!
What are you getting Dad this year?
Do you know what Dad really wants - we’ve got it!

Make an emotional connection

It’s powerful to reach out and tug at those heartstrings. Remember when he taught you how to ride a bike or skate? How about all those time he showed up to watch you play basketball or hockey?

Remind your subscribers that they have a powerful history and fond memories shared with their fathers. Maybe it’s time to rekindle those times together with a new bike or sports equipment for example. Focusing on time spent together in the past can lead to meaningful current and future connection. Provide your contacts with a well thought out and relevant offer that helps recognize the value of a father’s role and can lead to new memories!

Provide an experience

If you can, consider offering your contacts a gift that is not just material, but an experience. Maybe you have a chance to have an actual event that you can invite people to for example. Or you might consider partnering with another service or product that allows you to showcase your business and create a meaningful destination for anyone looking to spend time with their dad right on father’s day.

Provide a gift guide and use humor

You might have had to listen to a few bad “dad jokes” throughout the years, but it’s worth it, right? You know that including a bit of humor in your email campaigns whether they are directed at fathers or at your general subscribers is going to be a positive way to get your message across.

While you’re crafting a funny template, you can also easily construct a clickable gift guide that inspires your contacts with all kinds of unique ideas. Every dad is a bit different and this way your subscribers will feel like they’ve got some fresh ideas for the man who might just have everything.

Send more than one campaign

You’ll want to get your email campaigns started now if you haven’t already. You can catch the early birds and later reach out to those who wait until the last minute to make any choices about what they’ll do to recognize father’s day 2018.

Have fun designing your 2018 Father’s Day email campaigns!

As always, contact us with any questions or comments - our Customer Success team loves to hear from you!

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