by Anna Wybieralska Sep 5, 2016

Quick and easy to follow steps to create great emails.

You probably send a pretty good email but have you ever asked yourself what might be the difference between your good message and some great ones that you've seen?

You might be surprised to learn that the difference can be as small as making sure you haven't sent off an email with spelling mistakes in it. Your message matters, your brand matters and you have an opportunity every time you send a campaign to represent your business with pride. Use this checklist to make sure every email you send is not just good, but great.

1. Keep the message clear

You may have heard it before, but there are still a lot of emails out there that are trying to do too much at once. Even if a message comes off as beautiful, if it's not getting the intended message to the recipient, then it's not great.

2. Responsive email is a must

Have you designed your email to look great in a variety of screen sizes? Mobile phone use continues to grow.  Make sure your marketing strategy is keeping up.

3. Always check for broken links or images

The bottom line is, don't have any. Broken links or images will annoy readers and reduce the likelihood that your subscribers will engage with future emails from you.

4. Get rid of spelling or grammar errors

Take some time, lots of time if necessary, to edit, re-read and edit your email again for correctness. Ask someone else to read your email. One mistake can break the whole impression, you have been trying to make. Follow proofreading tips to do it better.

5. Link your logo and images

This might be a personal preference, but many recipients will find this handy and expected when they are looking to connect with your business or find out more information about something you posted in your email.

6. Personalize when possible

Use merge tags from your contact profile information, or segmenting your lists to keep your campaigns relevant will create greater impact.

These tips will help you make every email better than the last. Not only will you help to strengthen your brand and messaging, but you will encourage more engagement with your emails which in turn can improve your sender reputation and delivery. If you have any questions or comments about these or other Elastic Email posts, you can contact us anytime here.

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Anna Wybieralska

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