by Anna Wybieralska Feb 5, 2018

Check out our answer to the long-standing question of all email marketers and senders - "What is the best time to send email?"

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Developing consistently reliable interest in your mail begins with the time of day you are sending mail to your subscribers. Sending your emails at the right time helps increase engagement with your contacts.

Our well-proven tips on when to send email campaign

Knowing the universal optimal times

When you send to your recipients at a time of day that they are most likely to open their inbox, the email will be displayed as one of the most recently received emails in their inbox when they sign in. This will increase the odds that your subscribers will engage with your mail content. With workers on average spending 6.3 hours a day checking email, precision becomes a key aspect of having your mail stand out. This study conducted by Reuters confirms that business hours on weekdays specifically are the ideal times to send mail.

Follow the sun

Identifying the time zones in which your subscribers live will allow you to send mail to them when they will most likely be starting their workday. You also want to think about the demographics you are sending mail to - are they young/old investors/consumers? This will affect the time of day they will most likely check their inbox. If you are looking to contact someone regarding a potential business opportunity a delivery time closer to the morning might work best whereas an everyday consumer might engage better in the evening. However, you should avoid scheduling your mail at exactly the quarter, half or full hour because these are the most common send times. Often marketers use these round times to send their mail which can cause Internet Service Providers to backup and end with your mail not delivering.


If you do have access to a sophisticated automated system, this process will be simplified for you and will track when your customers are opening and clicking your mail and adjust to send mail to each individual contact during their preferred time. Elastic Email offers automation such as this that essentially does all the heavy lifting for you. This automation is much more precise and effective than trying to estimate a range of times your consumers would best receive your mail in their time zone.

Technical benefits

Being meticulous about your mail sending times does not only have engagement benefits. Technically speaking, server providers will be able to more efficiently send your email campaigns when submissions are being scattered amongst each of your contacts individually preferred sending times. Elastic Email provides a system that will automatically submit mail to each of your contacts during this "optimal engagement" time by collecting all of the times each contact has previously opened mail sent to them.

It is clear that it does not just matter what mail you are sending and to who, but when. An inopportunely timed delivery could be the difference between an engaged subscriber and potential client/customer or an unread email. If you have any other questions regarding when to send your emails to optimize engagement contact us.

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