by Michael Feb 20, 2013

Find out more about some useful email marketing tips that will help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

The Internet has transformed marketing as we know it and many businesses are finding themselves transitioning to the use of email marketing. In addition to marketing, the e-mails enable the business owners to cultivate relationships with their clients and this leads to client retention. This might seem like something very simple to do but it does not come that easy. The good thing is that with some tips here and there, a business can manage to use marketing email without much hustle. This article comes to give some of these tips to aid anyone wondering how best to send a marketing email.

Always make the emails authentic

This is important as far as the use of these emails is concerned. Many people think that all they need to do is send an email and hence take less time to verify the contents of the email. The effect that this has is that a recipient will be annoyed to read an email that contains outdated information and the chances of engagement become non-existent. To avoid this, the business owner or marketer sending the email needs to make sure that they send an email that is full of the latest and up to date information.

Send emails on a regular basis

The thing that needs to be remembered is that the emails are used for a marketing purpose hence they need to be sent on a regular basis. Taking too long to send them makes the clients forget your products and are more likely to purchase elsewhere or forget your brand. In most cases, many businesses send emails on a weekly basis. In as much as a recipient may not buy every time they receive your email, a time will come when they need to make the purchase and they will look for the previous emails and initiate contact. Out of mind out of sight…

Give the recipient a reason to buy

The other tip that is used when sending an email is giving the recipient a reason to buy. This is done by using a marketing or sales pitch in the email. In most cases, the pitch works well when it explains how the customer stands to benefit once they buy the product. The advantages and most unique features of the product should be well explained. However, the email should not be very long as the recipient may not be inclined to read such a long mail. Use bulleted points where possible and be clear and crisp with your message.

Always provide a call to action link

At the end of the day, marketing emails are structured to increase sales and this means they have to encourage people to take action. Having a strong call to action button on your web page and in your marketing emails will help funnel your customer’s to what you are pitching. Do not send them directly to your home page asking them to try and figure out what you are marketing. The other reason for this is that you are able to do some conversion tracking with the appropriate software to see how many not only clicked your link but signed up or made a purchase through that marketing channel.

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