Contact delivery and optimization tools

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Contact management

Without your subscribers, you wouldn't have an audience for your email campaigns. Knowing how to manage them properly can take some practice and requires the right set of tools.

Elastic Email has cutting - edge tools and the expert advice you need to manage your contacts effectively.

Multi-list management

Segmenting tools and history

Additional contact fields

Detailed contact analytics

Track engagement with your customers

Random and nth list generation

Detailed contact event history tracking

Campaign management

Elastic Email provides simple, easy-to-use) tools to create and send beautiful email campaigns. A powerful API is also available for sending your transactional emails - all on the same platform.

Campaign scheduling

A-X split campaign testing

Dynamic real-time audience selection

Dynamic delivery optimization

Custom template scripting for dynamic content

Detailed click tracking by link

$ 0.29

1000 contacts/mo

for the first

100,000 contacts

$ 0.19

1000 contacts/mo

for the next

1,000,000 contacts

$ 0.09

1000 contacts/mo

for the next

10,000,000 contacts

$ 0.03

1000 contacts/mo


remaining contacts

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