by Anna Wybieralska Feb 26, 2018

Find out more about configuring Sendy with Elastic Email.

If this is the first time you're setting up Sendy with Elastic Email you need to click the Add New Brand button. 

You can enter the necessary company details in the New Brand section.

SMTP Settings

Here’s the required SMTP configuration:


port: 2525

username: your username

password: your API key

If you encounter connection issues, you should first try to connect to their server using another port (our default one is 2525 but this one may be blocked by your hosting company).
You can try to use the standard SMTP method and configure it that way:


port: 25

username: your API key

password: your API key  

Your API key can be found by going to Settings > SMTP/API screen here in your account.


Congratulations! You now have Sendy configured with Elastic Email. Now you can start sending mail! 


Anna Wybieralska

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