Elastic Email Integrations.

A set of powerful plugins and integrations so email can do more for you.

Mail Merge is a Google Sheets add-on designed to send personalized emails, newsletters or forms to multiple recipients without needing to know how to write HTML for your templates.

Elastic Email Subscribe Form allows you to create and manage your beautiful widget for WordPress blog or website.

Elastic Email Sender helps maintain all the aspects related to your email campaigns. Connect your WordPress with the powerful Elastic Email API and send up to 150,000 emails free per month.

Looking for a way to send transactional emails to your Joomla website? Add this plugin and start sending emails, your subscribers will love to receive.

Grow your business faster than ever with the Elastic Email Drupal module that aims to make email delivery easier for simple use cases.

Add the Elastic Email add-on to your Cloudways account and discover an easy way to deploy, monitor and manage high performance apps on top of major cloud infrastructure providers.

SlmMail is a module that integrates with various third-party APIs to send emails. This tool is integrated directly into certain transactional email service providers via API. It does not handle SMTP.

Improve your web communication, manage your mailing lists efficiently or track results of your campaigns with the emailing extension to your Joomla website.