Ensure the hassle-free distribution of beautifully crafted email campaigns by integrating Elastic Email with Mailpoet (version 2!)

Find out more about configuring MailPoet with Elastic Email.

When sending from Elastic Email, make sure you pick "Third party" as your sending method in your MailPoet Settings, like this:


port: 2525

username: your username

password: your API key

If you encounter connection issues, you should first try to connect to their server using another port (our default one is 2525 but this one may be blocked by your hosting company). You can try to use the standard SMTP method and configure it as such:


port: 25

username: your API key

password: your API key

As seen in the examples, you are able to use the API key for both the Login as well as the Password. Your API key can be found on the Settings > SMTP/API screen of your account.

Congratulations! You now have MailPoet configured with Elastic Email. MailPoet recommends you send 200 emails per 15 minutes if this is your first set up. You may increase up to 500 emails per batch after a successful try.

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