by Anna Wybieralska Oct 11, 2017

Some creative tips for getting into the spirit of your Halloween email campaigns.

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It's this time of the year again, where kids are dressing up in costumes and parents are stocking up on sweets. It's the perfect time to start preparing your new Halloween email campaign. But making your email campaign can be a bit challenging. You want this to be a success instead of a scary story from the past. Especially for this, we've prepared some great tips for you during this Halloween season o make your next email a breeze!

Use fun subject lines

Now is your chance to use that pun you’ve been wanting to try for some time. Subject lines are what gets your mail opened and it’s your first chance to make an impression. Every time you set out to create and send a campaign to your subscribers make sure you don’t skimp on time spent working out a clever, explanatory and relevant subject line. Let’s break that down a bit. First, a subject should be short, preferably under 40 characters so nothing is getting cut off on mobile devices. Just because it’s short, however, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for getting your message across. You want your recipient to have a pretty good idea of what they are going to be seeing when they open your mail.

Here are some examples of some Halloween subject lines:

Haunt your house with these deals!

Treats that aren’t tricky! 🍬

Check out our sale before it GHOSTS away!

Great imagery

Pumpkins, bats, and witches oh my! It’s time to go all out and be as creative as you can. Halloween is a very popular holiday event and you’ll want to make sure your email stands out from the rest. You can still create meaningful imagery even with a theme of this fun. Kids in costumes, delicious treats, pumpkin patches, black and white backgrounds. There is inspiration all around the web to help you design your next email.

But here are a couple of examples to help you get started.

Promote a howling good time.

Now’s not the time to frighten away your subscribers – give them something of value that they can really sink their fangs into. After all, Halloween is only part of the entire fall holiday season (think Thanksgiving and Christmas too). You want a chance to impress your customers and get them thinking about how your products or service are going to make the season more fun, easier or spectacular. Make your emails click-worthy by showing what you’ve got in stock and create a sense of urgency (make the sale one day only!) and not only will you encourage a sense of playful fun, but you’ll hopefully see some sales as a result of your efforts.

If you have questions or need help creating your spellbinding Halloween emails contact our bewitching Customer Success team anytime, even after midnight.

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