by Anna Wybieralska Nov 15, 2017

Learn more about how the G2Crowd has added Elastic Email to their list of The 7 Best Free Email Marketing Tools.

If you haven’t heard of G2Crowd, now is a great time to learn a bit about them. They are an excellent source of unbiased reviews that help businesses make better decisions about the technology services they choose. Their goal is to help business professionals and all consumers more confident in the choices they make about where to spend resources on services. 

They provide product rankings, comparative vendor selection, relevant review experts and community based social data that all come together to provide a rich source of information about technology, software, and services for users to evaluate independently.

Elastic Email is a proud participant in the G2Crowd review process. We have nearly one hundred 5-star ratings and recently, G2Crowd has added us to their list of The 7 Best Free Email Marketing Tools.

We encourage you to compare us to our competitors and write a review!
We want to continue to exceed your expectations with our exceptional product, support, and pricing!

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Anna Wybieralska

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