by Anna Wybieralska Jun 8, 2020

Nowadays content we consume needs to be engaging in order to spike our interest and pause on it a little bit longer. However, so many companies are sending emails that it's hard to stand out with the usual format. You can make your email be more than just a subject line, a body, and a footer. Using the newest available technology can drastically improve how your email looks and works. AMP was created to meet this need. However, getting familiar with AMP can be overwhelming.

What is AMP?

AMP is an abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Because with AMP you can create pages, websites, and ads, email is a part of a greater project. AMP email allows you to include interactive elements such as carousels, accordion features, animations, and much more directly embedded into your email body. In other words, you can make your email look way more attractive and interactive than the competition. 

How does it work?

This is where things get a bit complicated. AMP email operates on the same basis as an HTML one, but it has a limited JavaScript markup where you can add the AMP elements. That means that you need to launch an in-browser program called AMP playground and set it up to “email” to start creating it. So basically you are creating an HTML email with some additional commands that will make it more interactive and engaging.

The process is a bit slower than just using the drag & drop editor but it does give beautiful results. Luckily, there is extensive documentation that can help you out with all the components and tips on how to create a so-called email 2.0. The only downside is that not all email service providers support the AMP format. Among the ones that do are Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and which means that probably most of your subscribers are going to be fine.

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Anna Wybieralska

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