by Anna Wybieralska Jun 8, 2020

You can’t be in front of the computer 24/7 to reply to all the emails you get and missed emails equal losing revenue or opportunities to grow. It doesn’t matter if you are an email marketer, a developer, or a customer. We all have the same issue that luckily was solved with a very simple tool. The autoresponder feature works for both a sender and a recipient.

What is an autoresponder?

There are two meanings to an autoresponder. First, it’s a feature in most (if not all) service providers that allows you to set up an automated message that goes out to anybody who wrote you. It’s especially useful if you are out of the office, on vacation, or simply don’t want to reply to certain emails. You can write such a message and set up its time of action. It can be modified to only send with certain emails or for a certain time period. The options largely depend on the email service provider you are using.

Autoresponders in email marketing are a slightly different story. It does operate on the same premise, however. It’s job is not to let people know that you are on a family trip in Ibiza. It’s job is to automate sometimes tedious tasks that consume way too much of your time.

For example, any confirmation email or survey or even an e-book can be automatically sent to your recipients using an autoresponder.

How does it work?

The good news is that it’s not really different than sending a normal campaign. It’s even in the same category! Simply click on the “Campaigns” option on the left. Once you log in to Elastic Email and choose the tab “Autoresponder”. You will be able to edit it just as you would any other campaign. While setting up an autoresponder, you need to keep in mind to prepare a specific list that you want to send your autoresponder to. 

Then you can edit, adjust, set up some A/X testing, and perfect the autoresponder based on your needs. Once you do all the steps you are ready to launch your campaign and watch as it's doing all the tedious work for you.

Keep in mind to always follow the GDPR and ask for consent before you are sending email sequences to recipients.

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Anna Wybieralska

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