by Anna Wybieralska Jul 24, 2020

It’s important to know what happens to your email once the campaign is sent. After all, it helps you deliver better content and find out all the weak points of your campaigns. That’s why there is a simple way to determine if people have opened your email. But were you aware that there is also a similar way to track if any of the recipients clicked on a link and which link it was? Click tracking is a useful feature that will show you exactly which link was interacted with.

Not sure how to use it to your advantage? Read below to find out how to enable it and how it can be beneficial for your email marketing.

What is click tracking?

The click tracking option allows you to monitor if any links that you placed within an email were clicked. Pretty useful huh? It’s a great way to find out how many times your social buttons were interacted with, which type of subjects click the most, and overall, it will help you personalize and adjust the campaign based on this engagement.

Furthermore, you can enable an option to receive a detailed report. It allows you to gain even more insight in regard to the links you’ve placed within an email. 

How does it work?

Basically, when you enable the click tracking option, Elastic Email will add tracking information to each link. Then, once the recipient opens it, the information will go through our server and log it in the Activity report for your verification.

This option is enabled by default so no need to worry! However if at any point you want to disable this option or enable a detailed report, you can do so in the Settings screen:

click tracking

This option is great if you want to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can also find patterns that allow you to further personalize your recipients’ email experience, or help you determine what links are the most popular.

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