by Anna Wybieralska Jul 24, 2020

There are various ways that your recipients can react to emails. In the best-case scenario, they will click on it, interact with it, and ultimately perform the action you wanted them to - either purchase something, read a text or respond. However, there is a chance that a customer won’t interact with an email, and even worse - file a complaint against it.

What are complaints?

It means that the recipient intentionally marked an email as SPAM/Junk or clicked the “Unsubscribe” button. This action confirms that they do not want to receive your emails. The tricky thing is that both of those actions count as complaints. They are further counted towards your account’s reputation. So you should pay attention to it.

The email industry has firmly set 0.1% as the maximum acceptable rate of complaints.  This is calculated by dividing the number of complaints by the number of emails that were sent ((complaints/sent) * 100). However, many ISPs can start to defer email after just 0.01%.

How does it work?

Usually, if you reach 0.1%, your account will be placed under review and paused to ensure the quality of services. However, a lot of the taken steps depend on the email service provider you send emails with Elastic Email doesn’t take any action until at least 5 complaints are received. We monitor those complaints via the feedback loops and unsubscribe tracking.

Furthermore, Elastic Email takes two statistics into consideration - Complaint to Sent ratio and Complaint to Open ratio. After those statistics are reviewed and deemed too high, the account will be placed under review. You will receive an option to start fresh with a couple of implemented changes.

If you receive such a notice, don’t worry! Our Customer Success Team will be more than happy to help you resolve the issue and help you improve your email marketing etiquette.

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Anna Wybieralska

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