by Anna Wybieralska May 14, 2018

We are always excited to help you with your Elastic Email account! We hope that in general, our platform is easy to use, but questions and concerns can happen. No problem - we are here to help!

At Elastic Email, we are proud of the fast and personalized support service we provide. This post is designed to give you some guidance when contacting our Customer Success/Support team so that we can help you as rapidly as possible and you get back on track sending great email campaigns.

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Common questions about support:

How do I contact support?

The best way to contact support is sending an email to But you can also do this by signing into your Elastic Email account and then using any link provided that will directly connect you to our Customer Success team, or by going to our website’s Help page.

We know it’s an extra step to create an account in order to contact our Customer Success team - but we promise it’s worth it - we usually answer messages with a personalized response in less than an hour!

When you are signed into your Elastic Email account we can identify you as the account owner more quickly.

What should I include in my message to support?

When you're creating your message, these are the essential pieces of information that will help our team solve your issue quickly. Please include the following in your message to Support:

  • Your Elastic Email account email address,
  • A complete description of the issue that is occurring or the questions you need to be answered,
  • Include any detailed steps describing what you’re doing that leads to the issue if relevant,
  • If possible or relevant, include a screenshot of what you’re referring to or the complete error message that you’re receiving,
  • If your question includes a particular email address that you’re sending mail to, then including the message ID of the email is very helpful. Find the message ID.

Can I try finding the information myself first?

Yes! Our Knowledge Base provides solutions for many common (and not so common) questions regarding your account and delivery.

Here are some great ones that can help account owners right away:

Verify your Domain

Bounce Categories

Email Delivery Status

Contact Delivery and Optimization Tools

Using Sub Accounts

Unsubscribe How To

Settings for SMTP/API

Private IP Information

Avoid the Spam Folder

This is just a sample - there is much more information available and it’s updated frequently.

You can view and search our Resources content and Elastic Email Blog anytime!

What if I really want hands-on support?

Our free support is awesome and fast, but we know that sometimes even more personalized attention is what you might be looking for. You can opt for our Premium Support option if that suits your needs better. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You receive 24/7 on the spot responses via messaging regarding any questions you have,
  • Your account is elevated to a premium client status and you have access to our complete team of delivery experts to developers to help you navigate your account.

We are excited to help, every time you contact our Customer Success team. It's our privilege to provide you with solutions and answers regarding your Elastic Email account.

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