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Delivery Guide

Email deliverability is a broad topic. Trends change; but there are a few things to always consider which will help you with your campaigns. Whether you are just starting with email marketing or you are here to improve your current projects, this guide should help you achieve success.

Not All Blacklists Matter (But Some Do)

Here at Elastic Email we often receive messages from our customers letting us know that an IP appears to be on a blacklist. We want to shed some light on which blacklists are important and how to avoid them.

Improve your Email Marketing by Using the Marketing Funnel

During your marketing journey it's likely you've come across many different marketing concepts, ideas, and examples. Today we'll be going over the idea of the marketing funnel and how it can help you increase your email marketing ROI.

New Email Templates Released

New beautiful email templates available! Get your designer hat on and feel inspired with nearly 100 new templates available in your Template Gallery.