Email marketing reigns supreme when it comes to digital marketing.

Even Facebook, which is a critical platform for marketing as well, does not come close. Effective email marketing returns $38 for every $1 spent by a brand.

Plus, what makes email marketing effective is because email is the most preferred channel of consumers to receive communications from businesses. This is according to an article by eMarketer, wherein it is shown that 62.9% of respondents in a global study conducted in January 2019 said that email is their favored method. 

Graph showing that 62% of responders preffer email as the source of information from businesses. Effective email marketing is crucial for reaching the audience in their preffered channel.

An eMarketer article also states that 62.9% of the respondents in a global survey selected email as their most preferred method of receiving communications from brands.

That is why it is imperative for brands to pay attention to their email communication strategies. To help you get your business where you want it to be, we have prepared seven email marketing tips to increase sales. 

Take a gander at them below:

1. Perform A/B testing.

Some tricks to get more ROI out of your email marketing may be elementary, but they can mean the difference between your audience interacting with your emails or sending them directly to the bin. One such email marketing strategy is performing A/B testing. 

This means dividing your email list into two and send them emails with different subject lines and seeing which one gets the most attention. Or, you can send your emails at different days of the week or times of the day to discover when your audiences are most likely to open your messages. 
By doing this, you can boost your open rates and your sales. 

2. Design for mobile. Crucial for effective email marketing.

An early 2019 survey conducted by Litmus showed that 41.9% of the respondents preferred to open their emails using mobile clients while 39.9% like to use webmail and 18.2% still like to employ their desktops for the task. 

graph showing how people are checking email. 42% on mobile, 39% on webmail and the rest through desktop. You need to take this into consideration if you want your email marketing to be effective.

A Litmus survey showed that 41.9% of respondents like to open emails on mobile clients.

This means that most people opt to do their email tasks on mobile, and that includes interacting with marketing emails. 

That is why it is important for email writers and designers to keep in mind that they have to create a marketing email that would look good both on computers and mobile devices. Make it easier for customers to see and interact with the important elements of your newsletter. That includes your latest promotions, your newest products, coupon codes, and similar things. This way, when your audiences are on the go, they can interact with your newsletters on their smartphones or tablets in an optimized manner. As a result, you can see higher engagement rates and more clicks. 

But if making a great design is your problem, then you can seek the assistance of graphic design tools for busy marketers. When you use this, you can send visually appealing email newsletters to your audiences without a sweat. 

3. Time your emails well. 

Apart from sending each email marketing campaign at the right time of the day and the right day of the week, you have to time your emails according to season. For example, if you have products that can help people during wintertime, such as wool socks, thick sweaters and the like, you have to feature them a little bit before or during the winter months. By doing so, you can help people prepare for the season ahead of time. 

This strategy can also work for holidays such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, December holidays and more. 

4. Run different campaigns for segments.

Your audiences have different wants or needs. And because of that, no single general email is going to work for every one of them. This is where one of the email marketing tips you have to keep in mind comes in: segment your audiences and run different but quick campaigns for each of them. You can do it by geography, by age, by shopping budget, by gender or by other characteristics. 

Doing so allows you to maximize your profitability, as you are better able to tap into the preferences of your target market. This can result in more click-throughs for your newsletters and better sales for your online store. 

5. Personalize your messages. 

According to an Oracle Marketing Cloud survey, most marketers believe that personalized emails are the most effective type of emails. However, many of the respondents also believe that it is the most difficult to create. Still, your email marketing can be more efficacious if you apply this to your newsletters and seasonal emails. 

You can start your personalization strategy using software that lets you study the behaviors and preferences of your customers. You can also follow their activities on the web and on other platforms and feed that information to an email marketing software. 

Once you have collected enough information, you can use them to ensure that every newsletter you send to recipients contains only content (or products or services) that are relevant to them. 

Because of this, you can avoid the pitfalls of the dreaded unsubscribe link. 

6. Get a holistic view of your email marketing performance. 

The capabilities of effective email marketing software are not limited to helping you send out your emails in a timely manner. This makes it an essential software for startups and growing businesses. They are also equipped with tools that allow you to drill down into your campaigns’ performances. 

You can employ such tools to gain a comprehensive outlook on how your email marketing is doing. But you have to remember, it is not all about views and shares alone. You have to go beyond them for a holistic evaluation. When you know and understand your metrics better, you can send better emails. 

7. Optimize your strategy.

The previous email marketing tip is connected to this one. When you have a better idea about what makes your customers tick and what the things are that make your newsletters successful, you can refine your email marketing strategy. This is where you can apply what you have learned by having an in-depth look at your email marketing performance data. 

Once you do, you can send marketing emails that hit all the right buttons which will bring you more revenue. 

It would also help to optimize your email drip campaign, which could include introductory newsletters that let your audience know about what they can get from your brand. 

Effective email marketing begins with the right strategies

Though email marketing is an effective form of marketing in the digital space, a lot of success still depends on the contents of your communications and how you deliver them. For you to achieve your sales and business growth goals, it is imperative that you apply email marketing best practices, especially when it comes to understanding what your audience wants from you. It would also help if you allow your email recipients to choose how often to receive newsletters from you so that they do not get email fatigue. 

Email fatigue, or inbox fatigue, is what you call when contacts become overloaded with email from brands. This happens when they receive certain types of newsletters too often that could be better received weekly, monthly, or seasonally. When they get tired of getting communications from your brand, your contacts are most likely to click unsubscribe to reduce their email clutter. 

Still, you can prevent that from happening. When you include the kinds of things that your audience loves to receive and read, especially informative items and those that contain deals, you can keep them happy and keep them converting.

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