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In the world of online marketing, email marketing holds a significant place.

Email Marketing for freelancers can be very beneficial. Different studies and research has already proven that email marketing has a better return on investment than any other digital marketing avenues.

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As this image from Neil Patel shows that the general return on investment from email marketing is significant. 

Be it mobile application development, software development, graphic designing or any other types of solutions; when it comes to promoting your freelancing business, nothing could be a better marketing platform than email marketing. 

As a freelancer, your primary objective should be to showcase your name and skills in front of the right people. You need to build an audience you can pitch your service to and you need to keep the number of viewers growing.

So, now it’s time to know the reasons behind choosing email marketing to grow your freelancing business.

If you are looking forward to building a massive audience while maintaining a personal touch, email marketing is your perfect solution. Here are the crucial reasons:

5 reasons why freelancers can benefit from email marketing

1. Keep your business growing

You are an online freelancer, and the growth of your business lies on the list of emails. It’s how you stay in touch with your audience. This means the bigger the email marketing list you have, the bigger the number of people you can reach. 

Here are some email marketing statistics that you should know:

  • The ROI from email marketing is 122% which is much higher than social media marketing, direct mail, and paid search (based on the research done by DMA and Demand Metric).
  • The research done by Hubspot shows that almost 86% of professionals use email marketing as their primary marketing communication avenue.

2. Get to know your potential customers

Knowing your potential audience’s habits, interests and reactions can seriously help you understand how to run your business successfully. With the right email marketing service provider and email tool, you can know which links are being clicked. You can also see which readers are clicking which links.

With this specific information about your readers, you can segment your readers into different groups of interests. You can send targeted emails and continue to change the pattern of your emails until you find the one that converts the best.

3. Emails provide the best opportunity to build trust with your leads

Paul J. Zak conducted long term research on why people trust each other, and he published the study on the Harvard Business Review. Based on his research, we have come to know that Oxytocin is the hormone that is responsible for making people feel less stress and also helps them feel trust. So, how about reducing stress and building the trust quotient with your readers?

When it comes to sending emails to your readers, you must use high-quality content with trustworthy information so that it can add considerable value to your readers. The more your emails can solve your reader’s problems, the higher the level of trust you will be able to build with your readers. You should draft email copy in a very engaging manner, and there must be a personal touch that shows that you care for your readers.

Always remember that building trust is not an overnight job. It requires a considerable amount of time and patience. So, keep sending high-quality, valuable emails to your readers. Very soon, you will have a good client base for your online freelance business.

4. Give a boost to the visibility of your business

As an owner of a freelance business, it’s your goal to increase the visibility of your business. We all know that more visibility equals more numbers of clients for your business. With an effective email marketing campaign, you can have a good amount of happy readers who would gladly share your content with their friends and colleagues. You cannot expect to grow the visibility of your business overnight, so make sure you consider it as your long-term game.

5. Email marketing helps you gather open and structured feedback

It’s a fact that nothing can be a better trust generating factor than having social proof. The feedback from your clients can be great social proof for your business.

You can conduct a customer feedback survey via email campaigns. People always appreciate the approach where businesses show that they value their opinions. You can find some efficient tools online that allow you to schedule feedback emails.

So why is email marketing so important for freelancers?

A lot of freelancers overlook email marketing as an avenue for growing their business. Well, you have gotten some large workloads from your clients but you must keep your business growing and retain your current clients. So, start an effective email marketing campaign and have enough patience to give it time. Design a solid email marketing campaign that can turn your visitors into subscribers who would eventually become your long-term clients.

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