by Anna Wybieralska Jul 25, 2019

We are already over halfway through the year 2019 and if you haven’t attended any email marketing conferences yet, you’re certainly missing out!

These email marketing events are not only a great opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge, they are also very enjoyable. Furthermore, you can do some networking while you’re around. You can reconnect with friends or meet experienced business owners that will be more than happy to get to know you, share some insights and keep in touch to exchange news and ideas. Conferences like this also attract some very skilled professionals that host fast-paced condensed guides regarding new strategies and trends. You can listen to talks from your competitors that can give you perspective or even inspire you to try new techniques. If you’re not that interested in networking and listening, conferences like this can be a great opportunity to travel and see the world. If you arrange your trip smartly, you can go sightseeing and eat at some local venues.

In this article, we will provide you with the most exciting and anticipated conferences in the upcoming year. All needed details are below, so you don’t have to research yourself wondering if they’re worth your time. Those that we mention below most definitely are!

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Email Innovation Summit

This is the first-ever email marketing conference that focuses mostly on innovation in email marketing. It also covers the newest strategies that can be used toward it. It’s a great opportunity to dive deep, as every topic is widely discussed and explained so everybody can truly understand. As it is a very popular convention there are many speakers and even more business owners that you can network with.

This conference is held twice a year in two different locations. London in October and Las Vegas in June. The speakers line up for each of the upcoming conferences can be found on the Email Innovation Summit main page along with ticket prices. Also, there is a bonus! Every attendee will receive a bonus 3-month membership to the Only Influencers Email Marketing Community and Discussion List. It's quite a prestigious community of experienced email marketers that are always happy to help.

EiQ: The Intelligent Email Gathering

Although the event for 2019 has ended (it took place in April), this conference is fairly new to the game and is worth waiting for its 2020 launch in Atlanta, Georgia. Attending this summit will give you insights from some of the most cutting-edge, creative minds that mold new, experimental strategies in email marketing. They host very useful Q&A sessions and share innovative ideas, so it is definitely the place to be in 2020. This conference is catered towards more experimental minds, but I would strongly suggest to check it out just to hear some incredible theories.

Litmus Live - email marketing conference

If you want to debunk some myths and gain some analytical knowledge, Litmus Live is a place to be. This conference will give you some down-to-earth marketing campaign ideas that work. Currently, there are 3 options in London (August), Boston (October) and San Francisco (November). Tickets are a little bit over $1000 USD but they are worth it. You will receive some real-world quality advice on how to run your marketing business effectively. You can buy tickets for this conference on their page.

Content Marketing World

This is one of the biggest digital summits that exists. Furthermore, it is a staple when you want to elevate your marketing techniques to the next level. It’s not exactly email-oriented but it gives you insane networking opportunities. You can also gain new ideas, by just listening to different professionals. There is also a large section on building marketing content that will be incredibly helpful with creating your own emails. With over 120 sessions and workshops, there will surely be something for everyone. It's best to get those tickets now since the conference is taking place in September in Cleveland, Ohio.


This conference is in Vienna, Austria and if the beautiful views will not entice you, then the focus of the conference should. JETZT gives working strategies and on hand know-how with workshops that will bring your marketing game to the next level. There is also a Training day planned that will give you tips, tricks, and examples that you can use in your own marketing strategies. JETZT Email conference is in October and you can buy your tickets here.

The beauty of email marketing is that it’s constantly changing. There is always a new, better way to do things and when you are in the business, you need to keep up! Conferences and Summits are the best way to keep your ideas fresh and your mind clear on the goal you want to achieve. It’s a great place to learn and gain new alliances in the business world. Where else will you obtain all this, if not at an email marketing conference?

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