by Anna Wybieralska Mar 29, 2018

The Elastic Email Team does highly advanced work developing solutions that get all those emails delivered. Even though it's a tough job that demands that our team evolve with the ever-changing landscape of email delivery, we have a great time!

Our team works hard to serve you - our awesome customers - and we do this in an office space that is highly efficient as we work together, but we also make sure the atmosphere is fun too. I decided to take a walk around the office and take few pictures to give you a hint of what our team is passionate about. Everyone has some items that make them feel more comfortable at work. Some of these items show how nerdy we are, but also reveal a bit about our personalities. You might just recognize a few of these...

star trek star wars

Star Wars or Star Trek? We are Elastic enough to coexist together.

we love cats

Cats in frames. Why not love them?

It is all about IT

We are all about the latest tech, but sometimes it is just good to grab a pen and sketch your idea. Or quickly write something down on a sticky note.

paper swan

A little origami meditation...

some just know how to draw

No doubt, some of us make much better use of those pencils than others...


Time Matters! We have it mind... with style!

cactus nerf gun code

The cup on the right-hand side is so big, you can fit your whole head in it. And sometimes it provides the exact amount of coffee needed during the day.

X-Wing Star Wars

Good to have a reliable wingman at work. X-Wingman.

elastic transformer

Even superheroes on our desks are kind of Elastic 😉

paper crown

King of clean code.

chaos code

And the master surfing on waves made of chaos.

old music box

Who needs digital music...

We all have some items that are uniquely significant to us and add to our workspaces to make them more individual - Show off your desk and share some pictures with us. Add a comment to this post.

Okay back to work team! We've got coding to do!

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Anna Wybieralska

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