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While surfing through the Internet you might stumble upon multiple Elastic Email opinions.

It is only natural before we decide to use or buy something, that we want to ask others about their experience. Usually, we try to ask friends and people we know, as it is much easier to trust the opinion of someone close to us. Often though, our friends don't have expert knowledge to give us the feedback we are looking for. The next stop is the Internet with various websites that create reviews and also collect online reviews from users.

Below you can find a few interesting examples of such websites. Browsing through them might help you gain some general knowledge about the product. This is especially useful when you plan to buy something expensive and there is no way of trying it for free beforehand.

It's always important to take into account that people are very different. For some, a simple and plain menu will be an advantage while others prefer to have a huge menu with tons of buttons and nearly all functionality always visible on the main screen.

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FinancesOnline - Elastic Email review

FinancesOnline Elastic Email review

FinancesOnline is a fast-growing review platform that offers a few interesting features setting them apart from others. They not only create the reviews themselves but also utilize a smart score system that collects reviews and opinions from social media, other platforms and websites in order to provide User satisfaction scores even if there are little to no reviews on their own website.

Finances Online rewards for Elastic Email Rising Star 2019 and Premium Usability 2019

We are happy to share that FinancesOnline decided to give us the Rising Star and Premium Usability awards for 2019.

G2Crowd - Elastic Email user reviews

G2 Crowd profile page of Elastic Email

G2Crowd is focused on user reviews. It allows only logged users to add a review. They have their own methods of verifying who is adding a review and prevents employees from adding reviews about a company they work for or are closely related with. This is a very popular platform and user reviews are well populated. Buckle up for some long reads.

G2Crowd awarded Elastic Email with High Performer badge for 2019.

Take a look at a few user reviews that can be found at this service:

"The most features for the lowest price" is what written on the Elastic Email homepage and... it surprisingly delivers. With minimum setup, efforts and resources, Elastic Email allows you to set up an email marketing campaign from the grounds-up. You can do literally everything necessary in Elastic Email for this purpose: Create new templates (and export them into other services if you like), manage subscription lists (even though we use Emailmeform for this, it's nice to have an alternative) and to monitor the campaign results. Elastic Email is a simple and straightforward tool which encompasses how a mass mailing solution should look and feel.

Timothy J.

And another example of opinion about Elastic Email:

I was searching for a good solution to send a daily newsletter to a few thousand subscribers. I was hoping to find something that wasn't much more expensive than Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES). To my surprise, I found Elastic Email, which has significantly more features than SES and costs less!
The customer support has been well above average, responding swiftly and accurately, even on weekends and at odd hours!
They have tools to help audit and monitor your content to help you send something that will fly through most spam filters.

Seth W.

Email Vendor Selection - Elastic Email listing

Email Vendor Selection is a highly specialized platform that lists Email Service Providers and other email marketing related tools. They don't collect user reviews but focus on objectively describing each product. They list all features, show screenshots and show updated contact information.


While review platforms are very useful and can be a great source of information, if you are unsure or need to know about the latest updates, additional features or pricing details, it is always a wise idea to contact the Support Team. This way you will receive the latest information from the source.

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