by Anna Wybieralska Feb 18, 2021

At the end of the year, we decided to give you a glimpse of what happened during 2020 and what you can expect in 2021. Our goal is to be more transparent, attentive and always keep you updated about the newest milestones of Elastic Email. For the start we asked our lovely General Manager - Anna Kawa, to share her thoughts and expectations about our company and to review the year that just passed.

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anna kawa - project manager

What were the biggest changes we had to deal with in 2020?

I think I will not surprise you when I will say that the biggest change we had was the pandemic. We were well prepared to make a switch from working from the office to working from home as a whole company. That was not really a challenge, but definitely a change. From day to day, we had to start working remotely. We missed all the talk in the office, lunches that we ate together, and meetings that allowed us to discuss complex topics in just a few minutes. 

However, I am glad that we all were and still are super engaged and keeping in touch with each other. Keeping our engagement in what we are doing on a very high level!

The second change we had to deal with was the recruitment process and the fact that we doubled the size of our team! That’s a huge step for the business, but also for the organization. But even though the hiring process was organized and done online 98% of the time, we did a great job! 

What would you say was our biggest accomplishment?

So, because we have ambitious business plans, I think our biggest accomplishment was a very successful hiring process. Each department gained new, smart people that have a lot of experience, knowledge, and ideas on how we can make our business better and our work more efficient!

Of course, we had successes in other areas as well. For example, last year we released one of the products we had on our company’s roadmap. The Email Verification Service. Thanks to this micro product, our customers are able to verify their contact lists and get better results with their email campaigns. If this article is read by our customers that haven’t had a chance to test it yet, feel free to do so. It will definitely improve your campaign’s performance!

What are the goals for 2021?

we believe that without great people it would be though to create a well-functioning business

Like other fast-growing companies, we have a lot of plans and goals we would like to achieve this year. Some of them lie in our approach to our customers’ support, others lie in the product field. But what we really like while creating business is providing our customers with top-notch solutions that help their business grow. And it’s even better when we can surprise our customers with a tool or solution that can really help them so I can only invite everybody who is interested in what's next for Elastic Email, to subscribe to our newsletter and just read it carefully - our Marketing Team is doing an amazing job! 

What is the one most important thing Elastic Email learned this year?

The world is changing, times are changing and people with their expectations and motivations are changing as well. And there is nothing wrong with that. It just creates some challenges to us, managers, but also opens new doors when it comes to management. The pandemic was (and still is!) a very demanding time for many organizations. I am proud that in Elastic Email, we have great specialists that understand what business is about. I am 100% sure that thanks to the team effort we’ve taken in so many areas we are able to grow, think positively about the future, and create new, amazing things. 

What were some of our most important milestones this year, and what will we set for this upcoming year?

this year definetly showed us that there is nothing more importnat than people

I mentioned that the world is changing. And, we are not ignoring this fact. We are watching people, we are listening to their needs and we are learning what they need to build or develop their businesses. And then, we are thinking about this in the context of Elastic Email services. One of our important milestones was to build and release the Email Verification Service and we did it. When you ask about the most important milestones - we’re on our way to show you a bunch of exciting things that we’re working on right now.

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