by Anna May 7, 2018

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Ongage - the leading email marketing front-end platform.

How do the greatest things see daylight? By matching great people with great tools. And that is the long story short regarding the official partnership that took place between Elastic Email and Ongage.

Our goal, here at Elastic Email, is to provide our customers and users with new features and tools that will help them create the best email experience possible. We believe that this partnership helps us on the way to realizing this mission.

What does it mean in detail?

This partnership means that any of our customers and users can now join the Ongage platform via Elastic Email integration. This will allow you to send emails via our SMTP but use the Ongage suite of tools at the same time.

As a transactional email service provider, we would like to open new doors for non-technical users who want to have more opportunities or just want to try different features, but without the needs of changing the SMTP provider. We're doing our best to provide our users with the best email delivery so we're happy that we can collaborate with the Ongage platform sharing the same goals but with a front-end solution.

Danny Tal, SVP of Ongage said:

We're excited to partner with Elastic Email as part of our continued effort to improve email marketing for marketers. Joint customers using Elastic Email can now easily take advantage of our user-friendly email marketing front-end suite while enjoying the same high-quality deliverability they've grown to expect from Elastic Email.

About Ongage
The leading email marketing front-end platform instantly transforms email marketing by offering plugins to leading SMTP providers. The Ongage platform was designed to improve deliverability and redundancy, increase email marketing performance and effectiveness, reduce sending costs, automate tasks, and boost ROI.

About Elastic Email
The most cost-effective and reliable email delivery platform. We specialize in delivering transactional and marketing emails. We offer SMTP Relay, a robust HTTP API, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of tools and features for managing contacts, templates, campaigns, and reports.
Today, tens of thousands of companies around the world use Elastic Email to send their emails - you can join them free by creating a free account with no hidden fees!

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