by Anna Wybieralska Jul 6, 2018

Every company is looking for new customers. There are a number of strategies and methods for reaching out to build relationships with them.

In this post we will reveal 5 pillars that we build our customer base on. We are actually thrilled to share this with you. Let's go straight to point one!

1. Recommendations from our customers

Everything in Elastic Email is about our customers. This mentality allows us to create healthy relationships which in turn helps us and our customers grow together in the process. We don't really spend that much on advertising. We prefer to invest in our customers instead. This is why we run a referral program that allows our customers to generate passive income just by recommending Elastic Email to others. And it works! Nearly 40 percent of all newly registered users every day come from referral links. We believe that this is a great deal for both sides. Instead of paying for advertising to a third-party organization, we happily support our real customers instead.

2. Solid service

Over 8 years of experience, our excellent team of extraordinarily talented people and the customer mindset has made it possible to provide solid service for hundreds of thousands of users. Is it possible to be solid and elastic at the same time? Well... of course it is! And by solid, we don't just mean the hardware infrastructure, constantly updated software that we have created to run every aspect of our business, we also mean that we have a stable organization that people can trust.

When you spend years growing your unique contact lists (that sometimes are one of the most valuable assets of the whole company), you don't want to work with some random email service provider that can disappear from the market without any warning and take your subscribers with them. It is important to keep your data safe and secure. Elastic Email is a stable environment for your email operations.

3. Intuitive API

As all of our co-founders and the CEO are also developers, naturally they wanted to make the product as developer-friendly as possible. This also connects with our customer-oriented mindset, as our service is used in large part for transactional emails that are automatically sent from third-party services and go through our system to reach the final recipient. Obviously, most of the integrations are done by developers. By making their work easier and giving them more variety of options, we became an obvious choice when it comes to sending transactional emails.

4. Attractive offer (free plan and pricing)

When you want to start your journey with Elastic Email and our Email API product, you can try our Free plan, get all the basic features and send up to 100 emails per day. If you have bigger sending needs, you can choose the Starter plan starting from only $9/month or the Pro plan for $39 for up to 10,000 email-sending limit. If your sending volumes keep growing, you can choose a higher tier of your plan. This is an offer that is simply too hard to beat by most of our competitors. The reason for this pricing strategy and such a big free email offering is again our customer-oriented attitude.

We decided to shift the marketing budget from advertisements and invest in the more attractive pricing and the free plan. Some of our customers stayed within the free limit for a few years before they grew large enough to send volumes above the payment threshold. We were growing together, and we stayed together. It is a long-term investment that pays back. We help companies when they are struggling at the very beginning of their journey and later they help us by staying with Elastic Email and continuing to develop better relationships.

5. Extraordinary customer support

Over the last few years, the Customer Success Team has tripled in size. From standard 9-5 routine, we switched to 24/7 active support. As we have customers all over the world, our employees are also scattered in various locations around the globe. Thanks to that we can still provide support around the clock without anyone actually doing night-shifts. When one part of the team finishes, the other starts and continues to maintain constant contact with our customers. If this list was sorted in the order of priority, then customer support would be number one for sure! Making sure that everything runs smoothly for our customers is crucial for their happiness with our service. Although, we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible - sometimes email can be more complicated than you might expect. 

Our customers really appreciate that we are available all the time the answer questions and solve problems. And our response time is very short - usually less than 30 minutes!  Thanks to this, we can help them whenever they actually need it. The Customer Success Team members, who are the most familiar with the customer questions and issues, are also responsible for updating a vast guide and tutorials library. These materials not only answer basic questions but also guide you through even the most advanced actions that can be performed using Elastic Email.

Contact our Customer Success team if you have any questions or comments!

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Anna Wybieralska

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