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Email-centered businesses like ours are doing their best to provide you with the best customer experience and to deliver your emails hassle-free. We’ve built our company in the belief that email service providers are an indispensable help to all sorts of companies, because the majority of them maintain email communication with their customers. However, if you are not convinced, here you can find several reasons why you need an email service provider (ESP).

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What is an email service provider?

Before we jump into listing the benefits of using an email service provider, let us say a few words about what an ESP is

An email service provider is a business that hosts software-based email services at scale. It means that when you maintain email communication with your customers, especially in high volume, an ESP helps you build and store email lists and send emails successfully and conveniently.

Why do you need an ESP?

Among multiple benefits, we have selected the top 6 reasons why you need an email service provider.

1. Email deliverability

When you use a typical email client, like Gmail, for mass communication with your subscribers, you put your emails at risk of not being delivered. When you send emails in bulk, they may be labeled as spam. Also, your domain may be blacklisted by anti-spam filters. As a result, your messages will either end up in the spam folder or not reach the recipients’ inboxes at all. Since most Email Service Providers are whitelisted, your email will be delivered and not be throttled even though they’re sent in high volume. As a result, using an ESP to send your emails will improve your email deliverability.

2. Legal compliance

All emails you send have to comply with international email privacy laws, CAN-SPAM Act in particular. While it may be challenging to follow these rules on your own, your email service provider has to be in compliance with email legislation. By using their services, you may be sure they will expect you to comply with these regulations in your emails and will not permit any content at odds with the email privacy laws.

3. Tracking and reporting

When using an email service provider, you have access to detailed tracking and reporting options. You can see how many of your emails were delivered and how many of your subscribers opened and clicked them, including the analysis of the most popular links. All these campaign results provide you with the essential information you may use when planning your next email campaigns. You may detect the most engaged subscribers and send them your messages quicker and even more frequently. Also, you will have access to the least responsive subscribers, which may help you update your email list.

4. List management

It may be challenging to keep up with your contacts manually. No matter if you try to manage those who subscribe and unsubscribe from your email list. With the use of an email service provider, when someone has consented to receive emails from you, they are automatically added to your contacts list. You may also import and export contacts as a file.

Obviously, we don’t want our subscribers to leave us, but it may naturally happen at some point. When they decide to hit the “unsubscribe” button in their email, the ESP automatically removes their address from your subscribers list. 

List management also opens a lot of options for your email sending. You may segment your lists based on various factors. For instance, the engagement rate will help you send more targeted email campaigns. 

5. Automated email campaigns

You surely want to send your emails to the right people and at the right time. Your ESP may help with achieving that. You can set up automated email campaigns. When using them, the system decides what would be the best send time for your emails without your intervention. 
Also, you can set up automated email sequences whenever someone subscribes to your list or performs a certain action on your website. To exemplify, an email sequence may be triggered when someone abandons their basket or buys your product.

6. Customizable email templates

We’re not going to pretend that the visual aspect of your emails is not important. We all know that it is one of the most essential elements when creating an effective message. But, we also know that creating an outstanding email template can be challenging. When you use an email service provider, you have various pre-designed and fully customizable email templates at your disposal. You can add your own elements thanks to the drag-and-drop editor and change the layout according to your preferences. Also, you can make sure that your emails will load and look good on mobile devices as well.


Now you know, why you need an email service provider. Deciding to use the services of an ESP may be a milestone in maintaining successful email communication. Starting from email deliverability and legal compliance, through tracking and reporting, list management and finishing on automated email campaigns and customizable email templates, we hope we answered the question of why you need an email service provider. If you feel convinced you want to start using an ESP, you can drop by our website to find out more about our offer both for email marketing and email API. Try out the products in our Free plan.

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