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Whether you’re already implementing videos in your email marketing, or you’re looking to get started, you can’t do so successfully without knowing what to look out for. So, let's get to work! Or in this case, get down to video email metrics, because the time has come to measure the success of your content.

In this article we will tell you all about the metrics that you should use in your video email marketing campaigns. If you haven’t used videos as the primary element of your emails, we recommend that you start including this format in your campaigns.

Before continuing and without deviating too much from the topic of this article, we want you to know why you should send videos by email:

  • Your Open Rate can increase up to 55%.
  • 40x better ROI.
  • According to a survey carried out by Renderforest, your click-through rate could also benefit up to 300%. 

Now you will think it twice before using a simple image in your emails.

Back to video email metrics

As an email marketing expert, you are already quite familiar with the metrics that must be analyzed to measure the success of each campaign as a whole, but did you know that it is already possible to measure the results of the videos separately?

Unlike texts or images, the video is the only format that by its nature can be independently evaluated.

Your future email campaigns will benefit as soon as you start analyzing the true impact that your video is generating. This way you will be able to determine if you need to make some changes to improve it, without the need of restructuring your email marketing campaign.

How to get the metrics of your video?

This is where platforms like VIEWED come in. VIEWED is a platform where you can host your videos and then send them through Elastic Email.

What makes this tool unique is that it allows your videos to be played automatically in the body of the email, regardless of where the email is opened from.

video email marketing campaigns

If this interests you, here is a link for you to learn more about how this tool works and how you can start using it.

Once you have created your video campaign, here are some metrics that you should look out for.

Video email marketing statistics - which ones to use?

Now, it is time to talk about video email marketing statistics that you should use to evaluate your video.

1. Display data

In this first point, we will tell you about 2 very important statistics for starting your analysis.

  • Views: it is the number of times your video has been viewed, this graphic is ordered by date, which will allow you to determine the best day to send your next campaign. These statistics will help you determine if your video has been consumed or if your recipients have simply passed from it. The more views it has had, the more interest it has aroused.
  • Hours: thanks to an hourly distribution graph, you will know what the best time to send your video is.
video marketing metrics

2. Seconds viewed

With this graph, you will be able to know which are the most viewed seconds of your video and get the time spent by your users watching your video.

The graph is divided into seconds in order to know the number of views that each time-lapse had. This is very important if you want to know if your content was of value to your recipients.

The longer the time period with the greater number of views, the greater the interest your video aroused.

Other information that you can obtain from the Seconds viewed graphic results is the ideal time that your video should last or the time you need to communicate your message.

For example: if you notice that the display time is always between 10 and 15 seconds, it is preferable to communicate the most important part of your message in this period of time. 

email marketing video

3. Geolocation

Referring to the IP address of your recipients, the system will show you, through a map, from which geographical points your users are watching your video.

With this information, you will be able to send the perfect video for each area, guided by the number of views of each place.

It will also help you to connect more closely between your users and your physical points of sale or service.

video email marketing statistics

4. Devices, browsers, and operating systems

The platform will show you 3 graphics separately so that you can easily identify which devices, operating systems, and browsers are most used by your recipients.

You may think that this information is not very important, but the reality is that it is, because the experience of your viewers may change depending on the technology your users used to view your video email.

For example: it would not be a good idea to send a video with a lot of text, if most of your recipients open the email from cell phones, the best for these cases would be to opt for videos with voice-overs so that your users do not have to read subtitles in tiny screens.

email marketing metrics

5. Events

Thanks to the following graphics you will be able to know how your users have interacted with your video, giving you the certainty of if your video was viewed if it generated an impact on your recipients and if it aroused their curiosity:

  • Percentage of people who activated the full screen and unmute functions to view the video: this indicator will help you discover the level of interest of users in your brand, product, or service.
  • For how long they watched the video and the number of times your video was viewed completely: taking into account the time a user spends watching a video in relation to the total duration of the video, you will be able to know if your video met the user's needs.
  • Repeated views: if your recipients watched your video repeatedly, you will be able to determine that they are really interested in your brand and they are considering your product or service. In addition, with this graphic, you will also be able to know which sections of the video were played the most number of times by the same users.
video email marketing

Now that you know how to evaluate the success of your video separately from your email marketing campaign, we are sure that you will get amazing results in your next campaign, as you will be able to create more impactful emails with video.

Stop creating blind campaigns and start to know and understand how your audience interacts with your video email marketing campaigns.

About the author

Celene Jiménez is a marketing specialist at VIEWED. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, she works on enriching its content on the blog and digital campaign front. Besides working, she is passionate about extreme sports.

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