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Our platform is being used by many different companies, from big to small. The goal is simple - bring businesses of any size together with their customers through a user-friendly set of tools.

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One of our customers - Quicko decided to share their experience working with Elastic Email and bring us closer to understanding their work. We are continuously excited to be able to show our users’ journeys and read about their growth. If you want to know more about Quicko and their collaboration with our platform, scroll down.

A bit of backstory

When Vishvajit moved back to his hometown, Ahmedabad, from the USA, he started building lots of calculators in the finance space. 

He soon realized India had a lot of opportunities in terms of innovation and market in the fintech space. After having built a lot of calculators, Vishvajit spotted a way to simplify tax filing for Indian taxpayers. There was a huge dependency on offline chartered accountants and a great degree of delegation of accounts.

What is Quicko?

quicko api and marketing platform

Quicko simplifies taxes for individuals and businesses in India. Due to the complicated nature of taxes in India, platforms like Quicko are useful to make taxes simple with seamless workflows and quality content. Quicko creates an ecosystem enabling taxpayers to take their finances in their own hands and manage them as they see fit.

In 2019, Quicko raised funding from Rainmatter, a foundation by Nithin Kamath. It expanded it’s offices in Ahmedabad and Bangalore to serve 100,000 customers, with 97% customer retention and 95% customer satisfaction.

In 2021, Quicko launched Sandbox - SaaS API Platform to enable ambitious E-Commerce, Fintechs, NBFCs, Payment Gateways to grow their businesses with a wide variety of Direct & Indirect Tax APIs. Sandbox is used by 100+ customers including Udaan, Airbnb, Zerodha, etc.

Why Elastic Email?

best email marketing platform for quicko

The plans are competitively priced with unlimited emails, and the support provided by Elastic Email was the best in the industry. Elastic Email APIs are a great way for Technology Teams in Quicko to embed transactions and marketing emails within our product journeys

The delivery rates provided by Elastic Email were one of the better ones as compared to other email service providers on the market. The choice was simple - Elastic Email came on top as one of the cheapest and most promising platforms.

The interface is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. The analytics provided by Elastic Email provides key takeaways from the campaign. It also allows Quicko to manage lists and create segments and drip campaigns without any hassle. 

What goals does Quicko want to achieve thanks to the tools of Elastic Email?

The aim is to increase our touch points and interactions with customers and audiences. Quicko wants to focus on creating successful drip campaigns to increase the conversation multifold by analysing campaigns and creating segments.

Thanks to the great customer support, useful tools and intuitive design, those goals should be achieved with ease.

quicko and best email platform

Are you using Elastic Email and would like to be featured on our blog? Let us know about your experience and we’d love to show you our appreciation. 

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