by Ula Chwesiuk Jan 17, 2023

It was a year of momentous changes at Elastic Email. We wanted to take the opportunity now that the new year has begun to share a summary of several exciting things that happened within our company in 2022. Let’s take a look together!

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The Elastic Email App remastered

The biggest project for us last year was the development of a completely new application. We rebuilt the whole interface of our app to a new tech stack and moved the entire platform to the new web address The new interface was first released to our customers as a beta version, and eventually it became the only available version of our dashboard. With this change, customers now experience a new registration process, redesigned screens and navigation.

We also introduced some major changes and improvements to usability. For example, you can now access the new geography tab within the Contacts screen. Also, we merged the Verification screen into tabs. By introducing these changes, we wanted to enhance user experience and we are continuing to work on optimizing the new system to serve you even better.

Elastic Email 2022 Achievements

None of our efforts matter if they don’t translate to our customers’ satisfaction. We truly appreciate  all the kind words you’ve written about us on various social threads and review platforms. Thanks to you, not only are we constantly motivated to do better and better work, but your feedback is also an invaluable help to others who are still searching for their ideal email service provider.

Check out our ratings on top software reviews and selection platforms and some customer opinions about Elastic Email:

100% email delivery into the inbox to subscribers! Best performance tracking, easy and simple, fast and intelligent customer service, cost-effective price compared with competitors.

Mubeen R., Marketing Consultant

The most efficient and straightforward method of generating more leads and reaching consumers

Victoria S., Associate Media Planner

It has all the same bells and whistles as the bigger email service providers but at a fraction of the price.

Verified User in Apparel & Fashion

(...) With minimum setup, efforts and resources, Elastic Email allows you to set up an email marketing campaign from the grounds-up. (...)

Timothy J., Senior PR Manager

Thanks to your reviews, we have received all sorts of awards from review platforms. According to the G2 badges awarded in winter 2022/2023, you consider us a High Performer for Small Business and Mid-Market and Easiest To Do Business With. We are also recognized in India, Asia and Asia-Pacific as an Email Marketing High Performer.

Elastic Email Blog in 2022

Last year, we brought you 18 articles with top tips for your email marketing and transactional emails and recent news from the industry and our organization. We had the pleasure of publishing content written both by our email experts and guests. We’ve checked which blog articles were the most read in 2022, and here were our top 3:

  1. How to Prevent Bots from Spamming Your Sign Up Forms
  2. Email Rendering Issues in Outlook and Hacks to Save the Day
  3. How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Successful?

We're gaining wind in our sails

It was quite a year for us, and we’re really grateful to be on this journey together. Not only did we gain new platform users, but we also grew in our social media channels and number of newsletter subscribers. We cannot express how excited we are about all our future endeavors. We’re constantly improving for you, and we cannot wait to share with you all of the things we can’t tell you about just yet. Until then, we would like to wish you all the best this coming year in 2023!

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