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AMP for Email has been widely discussed by marketers all over the world for almost three years. But what’s all the buzz about it? Is it really worth giving it a try?

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What is AMP in email?

AMP is a web component framework technology that allows you to create interactive emails working seamlessly on select inboxes. The data so far shows that interactive emails using AMP are far more effective at converting than traditional email.

How much? Let’s take a look at a few AMP email examples.

AMP for email - examples

1. Forms for collecting feedback

The average survey response rate is 14%. AMP helps increase this number by 5.2 times

In 2020, Stripo ran an A/B test. They asked users to share feedback on the company.

Half of the recipients had to leave the email and go to an external form to leave a comment on the product. While the other half could leave a comment in an AMP form directly in the email.

amp in email
(Image source: Stripo)

The interactive AMP form generated 520% more responses than the external one.

Some email editors let you build AMP forms with literally no coding skills. 

2. Abandoned carts

Ecwid, the eCommerce platform, was one of the first to start using AMP in emails.

amp for email

(Image source: Ecwid)

Ecwid helped its clients add the AMP image carousel in emails to show recipients all photos of the product they left in the cart.

The “Product details” option was implemented with the AMP accordion, by clicking on the button users would see a full description of the product.
As we previously mentioned, it all resulted in an 82% increase in sales.

3. User engagement

AWeber used AMP carousels, accordions, and forms in their campaigns.  

interactive email marketing examples

(Image source: AMP blog by Google)

AWeber did not measure the effectiveness of each AMP element, but they all together increased user engagement by 225%.

4. Measuring NPS in emails

NPS shows how likely our clients are to recommend us to their friends. Now it is easy to measure NPS via email.

what is amp in email

(Image source: Mailmodo)

Mailmodo built an email where recipients could say how likely they were to recommend the company to their friends. The email showed an 833% increase in user response rate.

You can build a similar form with rating to ask users to rate your services. Easy to do.

5. Interactive time-slots 

Stripo sent out a demo invitation email. People could schedule the appointments right in it. This resulted in an impressive 17% CTOR.

amp email examples

(Image source: Stripo)

6. Email verification in inbox

No stats here, because users click on the “Verify your email” button in email verification emails in any way. But the goal of the email shown below is to reduce the number of actions that users have to take.

amp for email examples

(Image source: Ecwid)

How? Users register with your website — they need to start using it right away. But to do so, they have to verify their email address, which means they need to leave your site and check incoming messages, then confirm their email address, and wait for a welcome message to be sure they succeeded in registration. We can eliminate the last action by letting them know they successfully confirmed their email address right in the email verification message, saving their time.

7. Email gamification

Email gamification is expected to rise in popularity. More and more events around email marketing are talking about how useful and beneficial gamification is. What does AMP have to do with it?

It allows you to make your communication a fun experience for your audience.

amp email marketing

There are multiple ways to use gamification in email, for example, giving away coupons or event invites.

Let’s be honest, customers see tons of promo emails every day. They are somewhat tired of sales and discounts and don’t really pay attention to them unless the discount is huge or it is given in a fun way.

amp emails examples

Summary about examples of AMP email campaigns

The numbers speak for themselves — AMP takes email marketing to a whole new level.

It lets you collect feedback and measure NPS in emails. It lets your customers book appointments in emails, making your communication unique and engaging. Testing out AMP in your communication might be a great way to increase your campaign results.

About the author

Ivan Burban is the CMO at Stripo, an email design platform that helps create professional and responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills. Ivan knows everything about email and digital marketing. In his downtime, Ivan loves traveling.

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