by Adam Kościelak Sep 7, 2021

TType was founded in 2013, when its founders started looking for a solution to a frustration a lot of tech-savvy people may experience—people’s inability to touch-type. Their solution? Creating a simple website that would teach people how to type faster.

In case you don’t know, touch typing is an incredibly useful skill that allows you to type on your keyboard, without looking at it, or even the screen, radically increasing your typing speed and comfort. How effective is it? Being a touch typist myself, I managed to write most of this paragraph without looking at my keyboard or screen.

In 2016, TType was looking to grow and to do so, they needed a tool that would allow them to send emails out as fast and reliably as they were typing. That’s when they discovered Elastic Email. Now, 5 years down the line, we asked Lukáš Zídka, TType’s CEO to tell us about their experience with our tools.

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Why did TType choose Elastic Email?

When looking for an email service provider, TType considered many options and tried out many platforms. In the end, they chose Elastic Email because of our simplicity, cost efficiency, and a simple email builder.

How does TType use Elastic Email?

TType sends over tens of thousands of emails every month, ranging from marketing campaigns to classic newsletters. TType works with various clients, ranging from individuals who simply want to improve their typing skills to companies that buy the courses for their employees all the way to teachers who use their software to help their students learn how to use their keyboards.

This means that their communication has to be well suited to different groups they’re looking to work with. 

What’s their favorite feature?

Lukáš was really happy about the way our email designer functions, praising its simplicity and functionality. The fact that TType can easily create new designs is extremely helpful for their workflow, especially when combined with our campaign copying tools, and contact list synchronization through our API.

How does Elastic Email help TType deliver?

Delivery is crucial, especially when your emails are meant to provide valuable, educational content to your customers. Lukáš praised our contact-pruning options, along with our knowledge base tips have really helped them achieve the level of deliverability they desire.

Thanks a lot to Lukáš and the TType team for taking the time to talk to us about their experience using Elastic Email! If you’re looking to learn how to type, be sure to check out TType, and if you want us to type out your story, let us know!

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