by Adam Kościelak Oct 27, 2021

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Čo dokáže mama (“What a mom can do”)  is a Slovak initiative aimed at encouraging young mothers towards entrepreneurship. With 50 000 active members, selling handmade products, services and books through an online marketplace. Part of the website’s profits is also given to families of gravely ill children.

Čo dokáže mama has also been an Elastic Email client since 2018, sending over 500,000 emails in the last 3 years. We’ve decided to talk to Čo dokáže mama’s founder, Andrea Kováčová about their Elastic Email journey.

How did Čo dokáže mama find out about Elastic Email? What made them switch?

Andrea founded Čo dokáže mama to help women combine parenthood with entrepreneurship.

“Elastic Email was recommended to us by the team of web developers who created our website,” Andrea tells us, “We have been distributing our newsletters via different ESPs before, but were told that Elastic Email is the best solution in terms of price, simplicity of the solution and the customer service. Now, after years with you, we can say nothing else but recommend Elastic Email to all our clients and business partners. “

When we asked Andrea what Čo dokáže mama used Elastic Email for, she said that Čo dokáže mama mostly uses Elastic Email to create marketing campaigns sent out to their user base, helping their members sell their products.

How does Elastic Email help achieve your business goals? What’s your favorite feature?

In Čo dokáže mama’s line of business, regular communication is crucial. Andrea told us that whenever they sent out a newsletter, their inbound traffic and sales received a big boost.

“With more sales, we are able to positively affect the whole community of young mothers in our country and help those in need. “

That’s why Čo dokáže mama’s favorite features are our reporting features. These statistical breakdowns allow them to base their marketing strategy on data and optimize their newsletters to deliver the highest quality content to their contacts whenever possible.

Andrea and co. are also very happy with our deliverability.

 Quote: Elastic Email is a fantastic solution when it comes to high deliverability, which we find very important. The emails are mostly delivered to Gmail’s Primary inboxes and do not end up in Spam. This positively affects the open rate of our emails.

We’re extremely proud to be helping Andrea and the Čo dokáže mama team in their mission, and we hope that their business will continue to prosper and help build a better world.

Thanks a lot to Andrea for taking some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us! If you want your business to be featured on our blog, simply contact us!

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